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Infertility - February 25

Little confused....what is the difference between IVF and IUI???


tryin4baby - February 25

IVF - invitro fertilization is where they take the eggs from the woman and create the embreyo and then inject it back into the woman and hope that it implants.

IUI - intrauterine insemination is where they take a sperm sample, wash it to get only the healthiest sperm and inject it into the woman in the uterus to bypass their long journey.


Estee P - February 25

Basically these are the benefits of each: IUI only brings the sperm closer to it's destination (the egg), so it doesn't have to swim so hard and far and fight off all the unfriendly's that attacks it along it's way. IVF on the other hand is where they implant the "final product" into your womb and you just gotta wait for it to "take" and "settle" by implanting itself into your uterus. IVF is way more expensive. I am about to get my first IUI next month if I'm not pregnant from this month's try. I'll keep you posted if you want?


tryin4baby - February 25

also from what I have been told, IVF you can decide on how many to implant to cut down on multiples but the success rate isn't as high. IUI you have a better chance at multiples if there are more eggs from any medication you had to take for infertility. I am having my first IUI tomorrow morning. They claim that I have a 20% chance of pregnancy and it being a singleton. I have 2 1/2 mature eggs. It sounds to me like I have 20% chance of twins but the infertility clinic says no.


Estee P - February 26

tryin4baby, how did it go with the IUI? I'm not sure where you are in the world, but where I am it is late morning now, so I figure your IUI must have been done by now, so you could be home already? Please tell me all about it!? I sincerely hope it worked!! You will probably know in two weeks from now? Are you hoping for more than one? I would love to get twins when I try, because I'm not so young anymore and if I can catch up with other women my age (I'm 31) by having two at once, wouldn't that be great!!?? Anyway, I hope you're not sore right now, I'll be praying for you!


tryin4baby - February 26

Hi Estee. It is just late morning now. I had the procedure done this morning. Everything went well. It feels just like having a pap done for the most part. I did feel a pinch when they injected the sperm. Then they had me lay there with my hips slightly elevated for 10 mins. I am hoping that it will work this month. My husband can't handle this pressure. I was suppose to have it done last month too but didn't. I really don't want to have twins. I mean I would but I can't take of them finacially now. I probably wouldn't be able to handle it physically either. My husband said that it would be no big deal but like he really knows what he's talking about. He's never taken care of a child for a few hours let alone 24/7. I will know 2 weeks from today if it worked. And by the way, thanks for the prayers.


Estee P - February 28

tryin4baby, don't be concerned. Very few men can handle the pressure of the problems coming with infertility. That's probably why it was not assigned into their genetics to have babies, but to us women. Also, the chances of you having twins is so small, and even if the miracle does happen that two eggs get fertilized, chances are that your body will get rid of one, because it was designed to only accept one. Twins really are a miracle. (I'm just hopeful for two because it would give me a chance to have an instant family, but to be honest, I'm also not sure if I'm up to it. I know a woman who had twins, and she had a hard time.) But whatever happens, you will see that your husband will undergo many changes in the 9 months that he thinks about your pregnancy. That's probably why it's 9 months, to give all parties involved a chance to get mentally ready. Now forget all about this, take it easy for these two weeks, try to focus on everything but pregnancy! It will work out for you, you'll see!!! Remember that you body is an incubator right now, so you can't let your body get upset or stressed or hungry or cold or anything bad. It must remain 100% relaxed to let that (hopefully fertilized by now!!!) egg attach itself to your womb. Still praying for ya!!


tryin4baby - February 28

thanks i hope this month is it too. my husband can't handle this. fortunately i have been kind of busy lately to think about it. i have to start progesterone tonight. that isn't going to be fun. when do you find out if you conceived this month?


fdh - March 1

introduction about IVF


Estee P - March 1

Tryin4baby, i will know by the end of the week if i'm preg. But I don't think I am, and to make things worse, I've fallen right back into depression since yesterday. I am petrified of never conceiving. I am 32 in a few months so I feel like it's almost too late for me to have a few children. I have been injected with Profasi when I ovulated and I believe something crazy is going on in my ovaries, because of the movements and twinges I've had for the last week. This was my 4th cycle on Profasi. It can overstimulate the ovaries, and I think that's whats happening with me. I'll probably have a huge cyst again when I visit my doc next cycle. But I don't want to drag my negativity and current depressed state into this website, let me stop right here. GOod luck to you! I'll keep checking here for good news from you!! I'm sure it will be a BFP for you!! Hang in there!


tryin4baby - March 1

32 isn't too old. i'm 29 and my husband is 31. we both would have liked to have had our childred earlier but we had some problems in the beginning of our marriage and we put it off until things worked out. many women start having babies much later. and since you have never tried the iui i'm sure it will work out for you that way. i hope it does the same for me. last night my husband said he just wants a pregnant wife already. but you never know, maybe your twinges are the beginnign of pregnancy. i'll know if i am or not a week from sat. good luck to us both.


Ann - March 2

I will be 32 this month. I am feeling the same way. I am using the Follistism pen and will have my 4th IUI next week. I have been ttc for over 2 years. I am finding it harder to relax because all of my friends are finding it soooo easy to get pregnant. I know how you feel, but think positively!! I hope it will all work out for us soon!! Keep in touch!!!!!!


Estee P - March 3

tryin4baby, that is also the reason why we haven't tried to have a baby sooner, but only after 4 years of marriage. It was a really tough time for us the initial 4 years of marriage. Talk about stormy, we were more in fighting that out of it! I absolute ADORE my husband, he is the greatest thing in my world, even now after 6 years of marriage, but we had issues to sort out. Fortunately we've gotten to a point where we're now incredibly happy together. But now this: ttc problems. But someone said the following to me a few months ago (while I was lying in the dentist chair): It is only hard times, that moulds you into a better person. NOT GOOD TIMES. I find the ttc problems very hard, in other words I'm busy growing into a better person I think. Isn't that more important than anything else, to become a better person? I do think so, so this is probably not without reason that I'm struggling to conceive. Lots of luck to ya! trying4baby have you had any preggo signs yet? Be on the lookout for the implantation bleeding, hey! Cheers!


Jen - March 3

Estee - Have you found out if you are pregnant yet? I am hoping for you. As I read your e-mail, I can very much identify with what you are going through. I am 34 years old and trying to have my first baby. My husband is 38. We both have always envisioned having several children, but at this age in life, I think we will be lucky to have one or two. Hang in there. You will get your boost of energy again. Someone once told me that God only gives us what we can handle. I believe He thinks we are very strong women and are up to this challenge in life.


Estee P - March 4

Jen: Nope, tested, and I am not preggo! Sadly. Thanks for asking! I guess God knows best and yes He surely must be giving me the strength to cope with this, because I'm still going and I've had 26 failures!! And I guess I'm really ok with that! I absolutely wish you a baby VERY VERY soon Jen. Lots of luck to y'all, also to tryin4baby and and to you, Ann!! Stay in touch!


Kerrie - May 25

I am going in on the 2nd and 3rd for my fourth IUI. The first IUI I had worked but three days after finding out I had a miscarriage. So we skipped a month and tryed again and the days were slightly off because I ovulated during the weekend so she did one on friday and said that it was a low sperm count then on monday again with a better count. It didn't work so she put me on clomid on the third day of my period for five day's and on May 5th we tryed again and it still was no good. So she told me took do the clomid again and then we well do two inseminations one on the 2nd and one on the 3rd. So hopefully this well actually be the third time charmer.



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