IUI pain compared to HSG?
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CambridgeKate - August 2

Can anyone say how the feeling (pain) of IUI procedure compares to an HSG procedure?

I had some discomfort and severe cramping during HSG (last month), but overall more than tolerable -- I guess I'm lucky I never had that sort of cramping with my periods! I would do the HSG again if needed.

I had an endometrial biopsy last year, and the pain was quite bad -- to the point I almost made them stop! I would not do it again w/o medication.

I am getting ready for first IUI (Sept timeframe) and am nervous about the pain. I've read that it's more like a pap-smear. I have not heard or read anyone compare it to an HSG. I also heard no ibuprofin in advance (or after).

Any comments or advice welcome.


KTL - August 2

The HSG is much worse than an IUI (I would agree with you the HSG is actually not that bad and I am a huge chicken who freaks out over any little medical procedure or test). I am now 9 weeks pregnant, but to get to this point I had 2 HSGs, 18 IUIs and 1 m/c. Of all the IUIs, most were nothing. Its a one minute deal, if that long. I would agree its more like a pap. I think my first was probably the worst (and it wasn't bad), because I was terrified and if you stress yourself out and get completely tensed up, it can hurt a little just because that makes it harder for the doctor to get things where they need to be so just try to relax and you will be fine. I also found if I took it fairly easy for the rest of the day, as per my doctor's orders, I had little, and sometimes absolutely no, cramping afterwards.


Lena - August 2

I've had both and felt that they were comparable in discomfort. I can't really say either has been painful, but it is definitely a strange feeling. One thing to remember that during IUI or cervix will be much, much more open, and your uterine tone more flacid. These alone will make the procedure easier to deal with. Also the volume of IUI is much less than HSG. Many woman do have cramping after an IUI because the washed semen has no buffers, but some woman have cramping with the HSG dye. Cramping with one doesn't necisarily mean you'll cramp with the other. And yes, no advil. Ibuprofen triggers projestins. You don't want that. Plain Tylenol is acceptable to use.


CambridgeKate - August 3

Thank you both for taking the time to answer. I'm still a bit nervous, but feel a lot better about the whole thing. (Not meaning to doctor bash, but the docs all say "a bit of cramping" on just about every procedure, and I've found that to vary wildly!) Thanks again!


Meredith - August 8

Hi CambridgeKate,

I have had three IUI's (all unsuccessful) and I experienced some cramping, but nothing bad. I would say that the HSG was definitely easier for me.

I wish you much luck!


April - August 9

KTL, congratulations! It sounds like you have been through a lot and I am glad you have achieved pregnancy!


KTL - August 9

Thanks April! It was a long road, but now I am 10 weeks into what all signs show is a very healthy normal pregnancy. We tried 1 1/2 years on our own, and then spent 2 years with the fertility specialist, but we finally got here and we are so happy!!!



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