IUI #4 and over: success stories needed
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Annie - November 3

Hi ! I'm on my fourth IUI. Need to know if someone been successfull after several IUI ? I know many turn to IVF after 3 failed IUI, but I want to give IUI 2 or 3 more chances ? Am I wrong ? Thanks !!


m - November 3

I have had 5 iui's currently on my 6th. the reason for this is that i need at least 6 iui's in order to have ivf covered by insurance. if u have the possibility of doing ivf , i suggest u do so. my re said if 3 iui's don't work that means infertility is higher than predicted/expected. but keep positive maybe this cycle is the one. good luck!


Kami - November 3

Hi Annie, I was told by my RE that a normal couple who is diagnosed with unexplained fertility and is less then 35yrs old has a 20% chance each month to get pregnant. So your first IUI you have a 20% chance, 2ndIUI 40%,3rd 60%,4th 80% and 5IUI %100 chance of conceiving, then if it does not take, IVF would be the next step. I am on my 1st IUI this weekend. I hope this give hope that there is still a chance for it to take. Baby Dust***


to Kami - November 4

Hate to burst your bubble but you dont keep doubling the percentages every month to make it up to 100%. Each month regardless of number 1 to 5 you still only have a 20% chance of coneiving other wise we'd all be pregnant after 5. Read what you wrote " and 5IUI 100% of conceiving, then if it does not take....hello if you have a 100% chance of conceiving it would take......urgh thats how bad info gets passed onto good people.


Annie - November 4

I understand what Kami said. My doctor told me the same, but with a lower percentage for each cycle (15 %). From this, you should be pregnant within 6-7 cycles. That's the theory. But we all know that it's different in practice. So that's why I've asked my question.


To Whomever - November 4

Maybe if you did't have such a negative attitude things would work out more in your favor. If you read what I wrote you would have also read that when it DOES NOT take then you move to IVF. I in no way suggested that everyone has a 100% chance of conceiving. Maybe next time you can put a name to back up your snotty remark!


Kami - November 4

Annie, stay positive, it will happen for. I will be praying for you. Baby Dust!



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