Is there any thing we can do?
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John - October 3

Do to previous surgery my wife can not carry a baby. There is still the possibility of her getting pregnant. Is there a way she & I could have a child of our own?


lone_dove - October 4

Hey John, what kind of surgery did your wife have? If worst comes to worst you can ask some one to carry the child for you and your wife but you will just have to find some one that is willing to do so that may be a hard thing to do.


jerah - July 28

you can always ask for someone to carry your baby for you, a surrogate mother perhaps.. but i suggest that you approach legal council if you consider this option..


leonora - August 1

depends on the severity of the scar. pregnancy is still possible but chances are low.


kyllie - August 24

what type of surgery was that? my cousin had multiple surgery due to pelvic infection but was still able to conceive. chances are low but chances are still chances no matter how big or small it is..good luck..


missie - August 26

in mild cases of surgery, i say there is a big chance. seek doctors advice, they should know better.



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