i messed up
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skaterboy - July 1

: im 15 and my gf 14 and she just told me she was pregnant and this was an accident cuz we almost always used condoms when having sex and now i just dont know what to do any advice from teen dad? or anyone? . i just need advice from some older people who know how to take care of a baby or whatever


inlove96 - July 2

I would have her get a pregnancy test by a doctor. And indeed if she is pregnant then I guess you have a big responsibility on your hands. I remember my husband and I when we were your age. Have her get on the pill. Seriously once you started being sexually active that would be the first step I would do. Good luck. And it does only take one time without a condom to make a miracle.


skaterboy - July 2

her parent know and they are mad at us and her older brother who is 18 said you better stay and help raise the baby or something like that since i got her knocked up now im afraid to tell my parents


Rhonda - July 2

Well you got her pregnant,might as well step up to the plate.It would be best if your parents here it from you,then hear it from someone else.I hope you are mature enough to do the right thing and stay with her and be that babies daddy.Good luck to you all.


skaterboy - July 2

i told her i would stay and help no matter what but i still dont know how she got pregnant cuz we used condoms all the time well one time the condom did split so maybe that why u think?


slowpoke01 - July 2

1 time is all it takes and if the condom split then there still is a chance but if i were you i would tell your parents because they need to know and if you dont think the baby is yours when its born have a dna test done but just make sure if it is yours that you are in that babies life no matter what hope all works out for you but make sure she goes to the doctor and confims that she is pregnant


inlove96 - July 2



hara2326 - July 2

skaterboy it only takes one time to get pregnant and you really need to tell her to go to the doctor and get a lab test perfromed to confirm if she's pregnant or not. but if she is you HAVE AND NEED to step up and be a man because you will have a family and with that comes alot of responsiblities, so if you don't have a job then go get one because you will need to be a provider not only for your child but the mother of your chiild as well.


kristina1980 - July 2

Skaterboy, I agree with other responses. You should tell you parents. You and your Girl should go also to Planned Parenthood and seek for help. Planned Parenthoodshould be in every state mostly in major cities. if you search on google "planned parenthood" if will link you to their website. You might find useful infos. It's free and they can give you professional advice what to do with teen pregnancy. It's important that you listen to those people and try to do your best. You and your girl might still finish your highschool and have good life. Just don't try to play a hero and seek for help. There are more people than you might think that are willing to help you and your girl. Good luck.


skaterboy - July 3

im just scared i dont know if i could be a good father at just 15 and a sophomore in high school and with her being a freshman it will be even harder


soimpatient - July 3

If you don't think that you would be good parents then you should consider adoption.


skaterboy - July 3

thats what her parents want but we want to keep it and that her older brother says we should since he said you two laid down and had sex and made that baby so u should keep it and raise it


slowpoke01 - July 4

if you dont think that you will be good parents you can always do an open adoption that way you get to chose who the adoptive parents are and you get to be in the childs life and they get to know you throughout all of it and you can explain to them when they get bigger that you were just a kid yourself and couldnt raise a kid and that you wanted to give them the best possible life even if that meant giving them to someone else there are ither options out there but if you arent ready to be a parent then you need to stop having sex for one you are way too young and with sex comes responsibility and if your not ready for that responsibility then dont have sex you really need to talk to your parents about this because it is a big deal


skaterboy - July 4

if we do give him/her up and we tell them why we gave him/her up we just dont want them to be mad or hate us cuz the might not understand it at all maybe


slowpoke01 - July 4

i understand that you 2 need to sit down with your parents and discuss your options and figure out what will be best for all of you it is going to be hard to finish school and go to college with a baby that you have to take care of that is one thing you have to look at it can be done but it will be hard so you need to figure out your options and do what you think is right for everyone including the child the child should be your first priority


skaterboy - July 5

well me and my gf decided that we want to keep the baby and that we will finish school and both try to find a part time job even though our parents dont want us to keep it we want to and we will try and do our best


slowpoke01 - July 5

good luck be sure that your girlfriend goes and gets prenatal care before the baby is born because she will need to take prenatal vitamins and with her being so young she needs to be sure to go to every doctor appointment that is very critical and prenatal care is very important also she can talk to the doctor and maybe see about going to parenting classes for the both of you so that you will be better equiped to deal with a child when the time comes also shemay want to go to some type of childbirthing class so that she will know what to do when it is time to give birth good luck to both of you and i wish you the best of luck



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