HPT positive, BUT HCG blood test BORDERLINE
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M.T - December 27

I am curently experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as, sore breast, dark nipple, tired, sleepy and experiencing headache although there is no spotting. i am supposed to get my af on the 25th of december. Three days ago i did a HPT and had a very faint line. Today i took another HPT is was a definite postive. I also did a blood HCG test today. and my results come back as borderline so i did another HPT with a different brand it was POSITIVE. Could someone plz tell me if i am pregnant. Has any1 experienced the same situation.


Anna - December 28

Sweetie, your probably so early in your pregnancy that your hCG numbers are very low. My hCG level was 2 at several weeks pregnant. Give it a week or so and your hCG level should be up considerably. Good luck! *baby dust*


M.T - December 28

Thankyou sooooooo much Anna for your answer. I was feeling upset thinking i might not be pregnant but now i feel much better


JAMIE - January 2

i have been the same i have taken a total of 5 hpt in the past 2 wks but when i went to the doctor my blood test came back neg. so i am waitting for him to be back in the morning to see what is going on. it is very frustratting for all the urine test to be pos and blood to be neg. good luck


Sheena - January 2

I have taken 6 pregnancy tect and thye are all pasotive.I go to the doctor tommorow to find ou how far along i am.I am sure they will do a blood test i hope it somes back good.But dont worry girls.


dea - January 3

Hi M.T: My friend took MANY hpt. All said POS. Blood said NEG. HPT's were correct!! So- I am going out on a limb and say YES--YOU ARE PG!! CONGRATS!!


Toni - January 3

You need to have another blood test to see if your numbers are doubling every 2 or so days. That will tell you a lot more.



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