How soon after a triphasic curve can you test for pregnancy?
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SaintRose83 - February 1

Hello, I am currently 10DPO and this morning my temps shot up to 99.3. I am not sick, but I heared of a triphasic patten occuring in some women. It looks as if though I might be starting a triphasic pattern in my temps. I took a Preggy test this morning at 10DPO.... BFN :( So I was wondering when I should see the + by If I am pregnant. Thanks.


SashaP - February 3

Both times I was pg I got a + hpt 3 days after I went triphasic. Good luck testing!!


tk07 - February 3

wait until af is due to try again. most women don't have a high enough hcg level to test + that early.
good luck!!!



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