how long for sperm analysis?
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carrot top - November 18

Hey everyone, My hubby had a sperm analysis done on Tuesday. I'm going out of my mind waiting for the results. Anyone have any idea how long it should take? We've been trying for 3 years and of those years these last few days have been the worst!! I can't imagine how I'm going to make it through any fertility treatments!


Lucky717 - November 18

Hi Carrot- I've been through 4 fertility treatments and many tests. Take a deep breath because it's a long haul. I only tell you this because I wish someone else had told me. My DH & I have been trying 8 months. I chose to buck the trend and go to an RE earlier then a year. I'm glad I did because it put me in the right direction. My DH did his SA and it only took a couple of days to come back. Make sure your DH has a strict morphology test done too. That is when they check the head of the sperm and the tail and check how they swim. It is not normally done with a general SA. My DH's numbers were phenomenal but we are checking more in depth to see if his guys are good swimmers and what they look like. The tests aren't that bad. I had an HSG done in Sept. That's when the shoot dye in your uterus and see if it drains out of your tubes. If it does then there isn't a blockage. Also have your progesterone levels checked on CD21. This will tell you whether you are ovulating or not. I was a 3 before meds. Anything below 10 is considered low. After one cycle of Clomid I went to 28. However I hated clomid and switched to Femara due to hot flashes. Sorry to write a book just trying to pass on what I've learned. Best of luck to you!!!


carrot top - November 18

Thank you so much for all of that information!! So are you still ttc... or is this something you've been through in the past? Just wondering. Thanks again for the info!! It's greatly appreciated!


Lucky717 - November 18

Hey Carrot- IWe just started trying this year. Yes we are still ttc but I am going to take a break from meds over Christmas if it doesn't happen before then. My body is tired and I need a break. Good luck with your tests. This is a great site that is full of lots of good information. Everyone is super supportive to and they actually understand what we are going through unlike others. Best of Luck!



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