how long did it take you?
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Anny - November 7

how long did it take you to get pregnant??


JerseyGirl - November 7

Took us 9 months. Believe it or not though, within a year is normal. Good luck!


Anny - November 7

i just get so frustrated when i see these girls that dont even plan it and get pregnant right away meanwhile im here praying to all the gods and crying myself to sleep anxiously waiting...


slowpoke01 - November 7

anny- i am 28 years old. my husband and i have been together for 10 years and been trying on our own the whole time. april of this year we decided to go to the doc. i had hsg dye test in may. i had iui, took clomid in june it didnt work. i took the month of july off to save money for august. in august i took clomid on days 3-7, had follicle monitoring on day 3 and every couple of days after that. on like day 14 i had an hcg trigger shot to make me ovulate and went back 2 days later and had iui. iui was done on august 11th. then 2 weeks later i finally got a +. we were so excited we told everyone. sept 9th i found out that it was a tubal and had to terminate the pregnancy. we have to wait 3 months to try again. so dec will be the 3 months. i got pregnant on my 2nd iui. if you think that there may be something wrong and you havent seen a doctor yet then please do. they can do so many things now to increase your chances of getting pregnant. i hadnt even been seeing my doctor 6 months before i got pregnant and now at least i know i can get pregnant. it could be something minor wrong that can easily be fixed. since there was nothing wrong with me and i ovulate on my own my doc gave me clomid to boost my chances of getting pregnant. he said for every 3 eggs there is 1 pregnancy and the clomid makes you produce more eggs at once. good luck to you.


maknyle - November 8

Took us 16 cycles. My husband has an extremely low count. The first time we weren't even trying, and this time it took what seemed like forever. We just didn't give up. We went to see the fertility specialist, and the next month we did it on our own. Baby number 2 is due at the end of April.


kelley32 - November 8

1 miscarriage and 9 months later I got pg ... I am now 34 weeks and getting very excited. I know it's difficult and very stressful, but like Jerseygirl said, within a year is normal. Good luck!


ITSABOY - November 9

8 months


eb - November 10

Took us 2 and a half years.


babybaby - November 11

Hello slowpoke01, how are you? Did your dc tell you why you guys had a hard time getting pg? I was diagnosed with unexplained infertility after 14 months of trying. I'm 25 and hd is 29. All tests and hormone levels were fine. I always ovulated on my own and py meriods were also normal every 28-30 days. I'm now on my first and hopefully only round of femara 5mg (3-7). it was great to hear the stats of one pg for every 3 mature follicles. I really hope to have good size mature follies when I go for my u/s of 11/19. Do you think that I have good chances of getting pr soon?



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