How early can I test after Clomid?
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L_M - August 23

Can anyone tell me how early a urine test has come back +ve after ttc on Clomid? It is 14 days after I had the trigger shot (folicle was a lovely 20mm) and I took an early detection test this morning but it was -ve. I am feeling disheartened as I was sure I would be preg and I was wondering if I might still be pregnant, but it just hasn't shown up yet?


slowpoke01 - August 23

when were you suppossed to start? it could be that you had a late implanter and that there isnt enough hcg in your system to pick up on a hpt. also have you tried peeing on an opk? they pick up lower amounts of hcg in your urine. you may try in a few days if a/f is a no show and get a +'tive



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