How come I can't get pregnant?
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Wanting to be a mommy - August 8

My boyfriend and I have been trying to concieve for the last 4 months or so (I know it usually takes a year for the average couple) But I don't think I can wait that long! I love babies and children, so does my boyfriend, & we both are really excited to get me pregnant. I am a little overweight (only by like 40 pounds) and I talked to my Dr. about that. She said it should be no problem because I am healthy, and active. I have gotten tests done, and so has my boyfriend. We are both very healthy and capable of getting me pregnant. But, it's just not happening. Why is this?


Sarah - August 9

Hi, It has taken us a year to conceive our 2nd baby (currently 12 weeks pregnant!). I am also a little overweight. As I was getting depressed with not being able to conceive I decided to start taking pregnancy vitamins and lose a few pounds. Then after about a month I found out I was pregnant!! Its worth a try. I also find that you should not stress about wanting to get pregnant so much. I did this and it doesnt help. Good luck. x



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