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acklyn - February 18

Saw my doctor yesterday cd12 for a sonogram, saw that I had many small follicles and a big one at 21.20mm so I took the hcg trigger shot 11pm last night and have to go in tomorrow sunday morning at 36hrs for my IUI procedure. But I just used the restroom cd13 today and upon wiping myself saw that there was light yellowish/peach like cervical mucus on the bathroom paper, did I ovulate/is this what ovulation looks like? I am so worried that I ovulated too soon and missed yet another chance of becoming pregnant. Should I still go ahead with my IUI tomorrow sunday? or did I totally miss my chance?
Your words of advice or support would be very much welcomed.


tammy - February 19

I went to a spiritual spell caster for help getting pregnant. I am not sure who is open to this idea, but I have been very blessed with a beautiful daughter. I tried a lot of things that didn't work, but two weeks after asking for her help I conceived.
Now I believe,
Wanted to let people know as my contribution to the strugglers
if you have questions please email me
her name was ashra
spellenchantments dot com

Good luck


Lilly2 - February 19

Hi acklyn, we are on the same boat.Have you tested OPK that day?So you didi IUI day after hcg??I done the same day and I am worried have I O at all?!Had IUI last fryday CD12 and at 8 am had hcg shot, then insemination the same day at 1pm.Today is CD14 and from friday 8 till now sunday 9pm have still dark positive OPK.Totally confused, becose nurse said I will O within24-36h.So 3 full days opk is positive.Is taht means I havent ovulated???U/S showed on right follie or cyst 23 mm and samll one 10mm and left had one 19mm and other 15mm, but nurse said she couldnt mesure properly becose tissues and it was true, for the first time I couldnt see clear scan.I am sooo worried becose semen can survive if is washed for24-72 hours in fertile mucus.Good luck to you and hopefully All will work out well for you.



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