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erica - April 4

I been ttc for about 3 months. I got off bc patch on 1/05 got my first af on 1/30-2/2 and the second on 3/2-3/5 then these time I got it on 3/31 very dark brown all day and thats it. What is going on? I have really bad heartburn. I'm freaking out here.


erica - April 4

hello! Anyone out there?


Cutie - April 4

Hi Help, no sweety, I have never been pregnant, but I have gone through a journey of GYN problems and I am TTC. But I have been reading a lot about pregnancy from people's experience on this site. Some people dont have any signs , late or early (my mom was one of them) Some people do have signs which may include: nausea, vomiting, fatigue, lower abdomen pain, pain of the left or on the right, tender breast, heart burn, wanting to sleep a lot, some people start craving food, some begin to hate some smells, backache, NO PERIOD is a big one, however some people do have a period while pregnant. Some people may spot in the beginning which is called an implantation bleeding. I am sure there are many more signs, I just cant think of any more right now. Sweety, are u TTC? Baby #1 ? Please let me know :) God bless!
P.S. I have had brown spotting too and thought I had an implantation bleeding, but I was wrong. My periods got REALLY messed up. I am having problems now....just dont want to repeat my self... You can go to message marked "To Cutie" and read about my problems if you are interested of course. In your case it could probably be a messed up period especially if you just recently got off the patch, it takes time to get your periods back on track. And like I said earlier you could be pregnant and have the implantation bleeding. Its really hard to say, because our bodies are so very different and sometimes even doctors cant figure out whats up with us, even through tests in my sad case. I pray and know that God will answer my prayer. Do you have a doctor? It would be a good idea to see one. Let me know ..... :)



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