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Jill - April 6

Ok, that is what I thought. So why are you willing to have sex with someone else's 13 year old sister/daughter?? Don't you see how wrong that is? She is a child! You could be criminally prosecuted in most (maybe all) states for this behavior, and there is a reason these laws came into effect. A 13 year old is not capable of giving consent for sex. If you are really telling the truth and your reason for coming on this site is because we are adults, I commend you for that. I also commend your for stopping the sexual activity with your girlfriend. On your girlfriend's post, she has admitted that she is intentially trying to get pregnant by damaging the condoms you use. This deceptive tactic is indicitive of her immaturity not to mention a bad sign for your relationship to have this level of dishonesty. If you love her like you say you do, protect her by not having sex with her until she an adult. Good luck to you.


brian - April 6

it is her idea to have sex almost everytime she comes over and hang out she wants to have sex but i just say no lets wait a while but ur right jill i will stop for good and not have sex with her


Jill - April 7

I am glad to hear that you plan to stop. I understand what you are saying about her wanting to have sex, but she is too young to know what she wants. Also, from her messing with the condoms, she obviously wants to trap you into having a baby, which may be part of her motivation for sex. She also may be looking for a father figure, if she doesn't have a stable relationship with her father. Some young girls have an empty feeling that they think will be satisfied by having a relationship with a guy and/or having a baby, but neither will fill that void. Are both of your parents involved in your lives? Does your brother give you advice?


brian - April 7

yeah mostly my bro just tells me whats good and bad and not to smoke or drink or have sex but if do have sex always use protection or make sure shes on the pill


brian - April 8

boy what a day this has been my gf called me and said she been sick so i had to take care of her all day . i dont know whats wrong with her she said she has been puky all day for weeks and just now telling me this and also gaining weight so i just dont know whats wrong its not a bug or anything like that her mom told her


hmmm - April 8

hmmm let me guess. you will wait for someone to say that she may be preg and by golly it will turn out that she is. and you will be happy when everyone is outraged and commenting. scam!!!!!!


brian - April 8

i just want to know whats wrong with her since i do care about her and this is no scam ok so stop her mom is taking her to the doctors maybe its a flu since its been going around her house ok


SerineMali - April 15

Brian, you need to be careful. I thought by age 16 they teach you sex ed in schools. Do you understand what hard work it is to raise a child. Children aren't cheap. I know you're trying to do the right thing. But the absolute right thing would be to quit having sex with her. My husband and I are both in the military yet we still are going to have a hard time supporting a baby because child care is expensive. You want to finish school don't you? Let us know what happens.


Jaqi - April 15

Brian - Get over it...your posting on another using the name Sarah...yes, it's obvious it's the same person. The title is something like "13 and wanting a baby." Whoever you are, you need to get over yourself. You got the attention you wanted...Heck, I am willing to entertain you with this post BUT I've got to go adults have more important things to do!


Jaqi - April 15

Oh the way....let me go ahead an add this Brain/Sarah - make sure when you posts on either question, you're not answering your question (example- this post u say u think she's messing with your condom, but on the other post, "sarah" says she pokes holes in them.....) you're not doing a good job in lying.....actually, you suck at lying. For anyone else reading this thinking this is real, look at both posts and quit wasting your precious time with this idiot. You are seeking legitimate advice and shouldn't have to waste your time.



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