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Maggie - October 27

I have a stuip ? Please help....
I am on clomid and have been given the hcg shot and have had to have timed intercouse again the problem there is my husband lives over the border that is where he works only 30 mins from home anyhow I did not enjoy our time together if you understand what i mean I felt like there was a dead line to meet and so did he my ? is if i didn't orgasam does it make it harder for his sperm to reach my egg? I have a 10 yr old fr previous relationship and have had 3 miscarriages and been ttc 3years now iam very stressed I am beginning to think that I will never give him a child. My dr is telling me everything looks good high proges. level and that i did ovulate just wondering if i am the one messing up


T - October 27

You don't havet to orgasm.


Manu - October 27

I really hope that you will get your BFP after such a hard time you had. I've always read that orgasm is not an issue when ttc, so good luck to you.



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