Has ANYONE in here conceived with only one fallopian tube?
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andri - November 11

Hi, I have pcos and insulin resistance, just had an HSG test done today and found out that my left fallopian tube is blocked. Been ttc for over a year, also been on drugs(clomid and metformin) for about 4 months. I just wanted to know how high my chances are of conceiving with only one good tube?


trying for #3 - November 11

yes i gave birth last year to a beautiful baby even though i was diagnosed with pcos and blocked left tube and messed up right with no drugs or surgery


beth - November 11

yes, I have conceived with one tube after an ectopic pregnancy over 20 years ago. I am now 42 yrs...conceived again in july and m/c end of august. am still very hopeful it will happen again!



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