Has anyone had luck with Dollar Store OPKs?
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floridagirl - October 11

Hi, we are in our second month TTC. I've been off BCPs for 4 months. I had two 27 day cycles, followed by a 35 day (in which I thought I might be pregnant assuming I was on a 27 day cycle). I bought the OPKs from the Dollar Store to help us know when the best time to TTC is. I am on cd 17 and nothing has shown up on the test. Just wondering if anyone has has a surge detected on these tests. They are so cheap, that I wonder if they really work.


NC - October 12

I have used Dollar Store HPT and they work fine. I was pregnant big time but it ended in an ectopic pregnancy. Hope they work since I am one who knows what it is like to dip money into it month after month. Hope this helps...


Nans - October 12

I used Dollar Store OPK and i always get + result every month but not yet pg.I've used it for i think 4 cycles and it's fine with me.


Angela - October 12

I have been using them as well and have not recieved a positive result yet. I have only used them for two cycles, and the first time I think I tested on the wrong days, but even last cycle I did not get anything and I tested for like 2 weeks- just to see if maybe I did not O on day 14. Anyway, I am starting Clomid this cycle, so I am hoping I will get some +OP!! Good luck!


annette - October 12

i have been using them too, and they show positive when i get a surge. you can also chart your temps to make sure u ovulated.



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