FSH Levels
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Tonya - April 9

Jenny, everything will be okay...they told me (FSH 24, remember?) that even we could do IVF and see what happens when they get the eggs in a dish...try not to be so down, your FSH isn't that bad and you're young which is so in your favor...My friend who is 28 had a childhood cancer and had to have chemo...her FSH was high due to the chemo, I think around 26...they did 2 rounds of IVF with one success and then miscarried....now she is 7 months pregnant with a healthy baby boy...it's not as bleak as it seems....HUGS...


Jenny - April 9

Tonya - thank you for your kind words. I will hold onto them. I wish you every success too. xxx


Ann - April 10

Hey Jenny, sorry you had a rough day yesterday. They definitely come and go. Don't overthing what might happen with ivf. You are young and your fsh is just borderline. Chances are you will respond well to the meds and get lots of good eggs! Isa, how long are you supposed to meditate/visualize? Is there anything wrong with doing it in bed right before you go to sleep, or should it be separate from that?


Jenny - April 10

Thanks - again for your kind words I do feel better today. I would be happy to return the favour if ever you get a low point. Good luck with your visualisation. x


isa - April 10

Hey Ann, I never heard of anything re timing. I do it at bed at night, in the morning when I wake up. When i'm stitting around and bored. I just close my eyes and think of the ocean which is my comfort zone and listen to the waves and when I feel relaxed I think of what time in my cycle I am and what I want to happen. For example I had one month 15-18 eggs and they told me I would have alot of cycst if I didnt get pregnant (I also hyperstimulated) and I would have to give up a cycle or two. I imagined putting little pin holes in each of the eggs (after I knew I wasnt pregnant ) and let the "air" out of all the eggs that might become cysts. Well I went into my cd3 u/s and they couldnt believe it. I had one cyst only and it was little and we didnt have to cancel the cycle. That month I went on to get pregnant (chemical pregnacy) but at least I think my thoughts had something to do with it. Now I am thinking of implantation, a few days ago when I had my iui's I imagined fertilization etc. Who knows if it helps but while I'm doing it, it keeps me from stressing about all the other stuff. Jenny glad to hear your doing better. We all have our rough days dont we.


Imogene Grant - December 14

I am 44 years old and the result of my FSH is 5.9. Is this a good sign for me?



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