from where to buy cheap injectables gonalf,menopur??
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aish - April 4

well my insurance wont cover injec. i have to pay$5k for these 2 injectables....i think i will be taking lot of this ...My nurse order it from freedom drug but they told me 5K OMG ...please help me to find cheap drug me...I couldnt sleep yesterday as we dont have lot of money ...Why god u r testing us ...we saved so much for ivf and p aid $ $5 k more i think we willgo bankcrupt....


babeedust2all - April 5

Hi aish! I haven't actually used this site myself, but have heard of others doing so. I think you still need a prescription though, but here's the link anyway. Good luck!


SaintRose83 - April 5

its 5,000 for only 2 injectables? Or do you mean 2 treatment cycles?? Well ShadyGrove always has injections on hand they tell me (if your running short) and that you can buy them there. Maybe it is cheaper.. i have kaiser and they pay 50% and i pay a little under 50 per follistim shot, so it retails at a little under 100 dollars. Maybe I misunderstood your post. 5,000 for 2 shots? Thats insane, there are websies out there that offer "low cost injectables" that I looked into, and they were actally more than what i was paying with kaiser. i was kinda hesitant to buy offline, b/c you never know what your going get, maybe someone else has ordered it and will know a good site, wish i could be more help. I'll ask around for you though...


aish - April 6

well saintrose not 2 injections but gonal 450IU i need 11& menopur 10 and one gonal costs 358 ....
This time my Re is thinking if putting me on higjer doses ...Well shadu grove they order meds from freedom drug for us as they r cheaper if u r paying out of what they told me ....well i dont have this much $$$ but now i am thinking of ordering week by week like 2gonal F and then after that 2 more ...Total menpour cost me $2Kbut Gonal 450IU is very costly ...well my Dh is very nice he is saying me u dont take tension/stress ,God w'll make some way...still looking for that ....Well Saintrose thats good that u w'll star metformin soon ...Good luck.....


chele - April 6

Aish, google Gonal-F for sale.... you will come up with some sites. I remember one like (it's another site similiar to this) and if you google it you will find girls like all of us that either got a bfp, changing meds, adopting and are selling their meds cheaper as they know what your going through. I have never used this as I got lucky this last cycle, but I did research it because I was going to have to go that same path in trying to find some unopened/unexpired for my next cycle. A girl at work told me about She use to purchase her's off that site but I know some of her's were opened and I wouldn't feel good about that. Anyway it's worthing checking out. Good luck to you!



WE HAVE TRIED A SITE CALLED WWW.ISRAELPHARM.COM they sent the medications to us in under 10 days and were the cheapest we could find on the web, hope this helps


mamaof3 - May 6

try Under the medical section there are alot of women who have gone through IVF and have remaining drugs left over. I just bought clomid through some lady in NY who is also trying to sell menopur.


RachelNC - July 8

I am now pregnant and I have 20 vials of menopur injections left over that I will sale for $650.


mel58855 - July 23

Hi - I would like to purchase this. I only need 10 vials. Can you call me at 310 -383-4882. I need it in the next 3 days, so I'd have to pay to have you overnight it as well. Thanks!



lillianat - September 3

Albuquerque, NM. I have left over Menopur. 3 boxes with 5 viles each. I also have 3 individua viles left over. I would like to sell. $50 each for the 3 viles. for the unopened boxes: $175 a box


hadiya - January 26

Hello, do you have any boxes left?


hadiya - January 26

Hello, do you have any boxes left?


Adiawaard - June 30

I need Menopur and cetrotide also


Adiawaard - June 30

I am interested my number is 8177987767


rebeccaTTC#3 - July 29

im interested in a HCG trigger shot


leazrebrian - August 29

Hi, I have leftovers of meds and REDUCED prices:
Gonal F 900IU sealed, refrigerated 7 boxes: exp 9/2016,$300 each.
Menopur 75iu 250 per box of 5 vials Negotatiable if u need more
Ganirelix 250 mcg 4 boxes: exp 9/2016 $90 each.
ovidrel $65 exp 2016
Thanks. Contact : leazrebrian at gmail dot com


tatsat013 - September 7

I am interested my number is 918-200-5249.



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