For People who have had IUI or IVF
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Bubblesofjoy65 - May 18

I know this is a personal question, But my insurance doens't cover anything with "infertility" labeled.

My dr mentioned seeing a infertility specialist, I am not infertile, i have PCOS, and i have a 5 1/2 year old and 2 misicarriages. He wants me to go consult with them, as i may have more issues.

My question is if you dont mind answering, How much has that been costing? out of pocket if you dont mind me asking. Id just like to know before i go see them


aish - May 18

Hi frnd, i know it so pain to the pocket...even i have to go thru... i saw my inf. specialist ,for visitation i paid$300 and for blood work&U/s i paid $680,and for HSG i paid$1000....and now i am going for my 1st iUI & i paid$1550 for the whole IUI procedure.....
i always felt bad when i pay them tons of money .....without any good results....i hope i get pg soon and all the money we spent is worth it....


dea - May 19

Wow AISH: that seems like a lot. Where do you live?? BUBBLES: I live in Upstate NY. My iui's cost around $300 a piece. Sperm analysis the same. I don't know what the HSG cost- I never saw the bill. And, thankfully, my insurance has covered all these procedures. In NYS if your insurance doesn't cover IVF- it has to cover IUI. But, nothing injectable is covered. Which is why we haven't gone the IVF route yet. When we do- the first one will be about $8500. Hope this helps! Good luck.


aish - May 19

i live in washington dc going to shady grove....yup it costs me lottts....depends upon ur insurance also....



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