fallopian tube blockage
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padma - October 19

i had hsg and found that left fallopian tube is blocked and my right tube is in place. what is the chance that i get pregnent. if i want to be alright what should i do. help me pllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzz


karen - October 19

my gyn told me that as long as one tube is open you should be ok.


Daley - October 19

Hi Padma. Go to this site www.felopio.com . I hope this helps. Blessings!!!!!!


christine - October 19

has anyone tried the remedy at falopia.com] i dont beleive it. it cost 500


padma - October 20

thanx for ur guidance friends


padma - October 20

thanx for ur guidance friends.iam not getting into any of the web site named falopia.com. pl help


Debbie - October 31

My right tube was blocked and I still got pregnant. Good luck.


T - October 31

Padma: It is FELOPIO.COM. Good luck.


Jaclin - November 1

They said my right side is partially blocked and the left is fine. I'm in the same boat but I have not gotten pregnant. I am having to have a lap done. They told me I should be good to go every other month but maybe I am not ovulating...I don't know what's going on. I don't have PCOS or anything else wrong. Levels all checked out they said on bloodwork. Good luck to all and **baby dust!**



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