Endless period (6 wks and counting). Help!
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Sarah - June 3

I started my first period about 2 months after my miscarriage in mid-April and it never stopped...keeps getting heavier. My Dr. prescribed provera, which hasn't worked, and he's at a loss, saying I'm in the 1% who that hasn't worked for. I'm seeing an acupuncturist tomorrow for another angle. Has anyone had any similar type of problem. I'm so worried and afraid that I'll never get pregnant again -that somehow this threw me off. Thanks.


Jill - June 3

My aunt said she had a period where she bled for 36 days. Just because you're bleeding doesn't mean you haven't ovulated. I'd say get a second opinion, and a third if you need one. Keep trying different doctors until someone gives you an answer.


Sarah - June 3

Thanks Jill. My current Dr. took an endometrial biopsy (OUCH!) a few days ago so as soon as we get the results I'm going to have him refer me to another dr. I think a woman this time.


Sue - June 3

When I bled long and heavy after birth I used raspberry leave herb tea with other helpful herbs. Chasteberrry would also help to get your hormones back in line.Order from a health store.


Sue - June 3

PS. The Pre-Conception Tea would be a good one and would include alot of different helpful herbs. If you get it drink alot. Like 4 strong cups a day. The raspberry leave tea has helped me many times when my periods were heavier then normal. But remember withthese natural products you have to take alot.


Sarah - June 3

Thanks Sue- Actually, I saw an actupuncturist today who gave me a 2 herbal mixtures to try (18 a day! yikes) but she is very qualified and lets give it a whirl. I'm glad to hear that herbal remedies can work - I find that much more comforting that hormones



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