does it matter what time of day you take clomid?
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Julie - August 15

morning or night? as long as it's the same everyday? just want to make sure i do it right...



Kate - August 15

The lady at the chemist told me to take it in the morning, which I did.


Laura - August 15

Hi Julie, I was told it doesn't matter what time of day to take clomid..try to take it at the same time everyday.


Julie - August 15

Ok thanks.. have you gotten any side effects?


Laura - August 15

Yes, I get abdominal pain b/c clomid made my ovaries work hard.. Other than that I've been doing pretty good. I'm on 100mg of clomid.


Julie - August 15

Ok, like cramping? I hear that's pretty common, just curious as to what I should expect. Thanks!


Laura - August 15

Yes like cramping...around the ovary areas.



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