Different types of laparoscopies?
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Lin - October 11

Can anyone tell me if there are different types of laparoscopies? I had one a few years ago to remove a 6cm endometrioma off one of my ovaries, and the recovery for such a "simple" procedure was rather drawn out, relatively speaking of course. I was in the hospital for 5 days and had a drainage tube sticking out of my belly for 2-3 of them. They wouldn't let me eat anything but broth for at least a full day afterward, and I could barely walk to the bathroom for at least 3 days. After I finally left the hospital, I had to stay home to recover for two weeks, though I was mostly recovered by the end of the first. Most other women I've spoken to who've had similar procedures, also for cysts, had a much easier time, being discharged the next day and having barely any recovery time. Are there different types of laparoscopies? Was my procedure just somehow more complicated or something? I've never spoken to anyone else who had as drawn out a recovery as I had, and I'm really curious as to what exactly was different about it. Most women I've spoken to seem to have had them to remove cysts, as I did.


Lin - October 11



Lin - October 11

There must be women on here who have had a laparoscopy before. Perhaps a more appropriate question, since this is not a forum of doctors, would be what people's laparoscopy experiences were like. Anyone? How long were you in the hospital, and how long was your recovery time? Did you have a drainage tube?


Kristi1 - October 11

Sorry, I wont be of much help probably, but I had a laparoscopy in Sept and it was an outpatient procedure, I was home by 530 the same day and only took 3 days total off of work including the day of the surgery. They did the lap to take a look at stuff inside and removed some endo and an adhesion that had formed from some endo, and they did a hysteroscopy to go inside my utuers and remove a couple polyps. So, no my experience was nothing like yours. I dont know if there are neccessarily different "types" of laparoscopy, but the lap can be used to perform many different kinds of surgeries....


Lin - October 11

Thanks, Kristie. It's good to know that my experience isn't the typical one. My doctor brought up the possibility in my initial appointment (of course, before we knew that my husband's morphology was low) of doing an exploratory laparoscopy at some point in the investigation. That really worried me, because of my past experience, but I'm glad to hear that mine was out of the ordinary.


MelissaV - October 11

My lap was alos an outpatient surgery...I got to the hospital at 7am and was home by noon. Had lots of scar tissue removed. My recovery was a little painful, but I didn't even have stiches, let alone a drainage tube. I think it took me about 5 days to feel pretty much back to normal.


Maren - October 11

Jeeze, my dr. said after the lap (he insert a small probe around where my belly button was) that I would be in the hospitol about 3-4 hours and could go home. I would have to have someone drive me and could go back to work 3 days later. Basically gas created room for the probe to move around. I bet yours was more complicated because of the endometrioma. I am going to have a lap to see if there is scarring or damage etc that is keeping me from getting pregnant.


wendi77 - October 13

I had a lap done on Sept 13th. I was in recovery for 5 hours (due to complications from the anesthesia). I had endrometriosis removed and some scar tissue. It was outpatient and I was shopping at oulets 2 days later. Just had some minor discomfort in my abdomen.


Tink - October 16

i am doing one this friday 10/20. it is an outpatient procedure for me. starts at noon and he says i should be home in time for dinner or much before. they said i could go back to work on monday- so just recover at home over the weekend. this is my first surger of any kind ever, so hopefully i respond okay to the anesthesia etc.



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