Didn't Think I had Faith In This Month, But Truthfully I Did
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sherry :( - January 11

i really felt like this was the month, eventhough i tried to keep a negative outlook, to avoid dissapointment. i ovulated 2 x's this month, so there was gold there, being that that is abnormal for me, and me and dh took advantage of everything we could, by bd-ing. then the whole 2 week wait, i have been abnormally nauseous, every night, like clockwork, which i saw as a huge sign. it's still happening. i have never had this w/o being pregnant, and my nipples are darker, and i have even had food cravings. i didn't 'overthink' ttc this month, so i know it was conjered up in my head, and as much as i said, i had no hope this month, as time went on, and i felt so sick, just like the symptoms of my other pregnancy, i did think this is it, but i gues i was wrong :(. i tested this morning, and got a BFN, and i was actually confused, cause it seemed like i had to be pregnant. iam on cd 27, but usually my +'s show up by now. i know it's not over till af sings, and i will re-test, it still took away most all of the hope that i had.i usually get symptoms very early, but i also usually get my + result early to. big let down.

back to the drawing board, but i will keep you posted, if a miracle does arrive. my best friend is pregnant now, and i'd love to be preggo along with her. why can't it just happen when we want it to? ughh!

thanks for listening, sherry


Mega - January 11

I'm sorry about the BFN. I'll keep my finger's crossed that you're really PG, but it's just too soon for the BFP. Yes, please keep us posted. Hang in there. Baby dust!


dea - January 11

Hand in there SHERRY. We will all get our turn! ~~DUST~~


mckenzie - January 11

hey sherry still keep the faith. I am also in a similiar situation am 15dpo and taught that i would have gotten a bfp today if i made this long without af showing its face. I tested today and i got a bfn but am not giving up that easy. I hope you are preg.


jg - January 11

All I can say to you is read my thread - it's called "NEED HOPE? Read my story" and is dated 6th January. And I won't say say to you "It WILL happen", not because it won't, but because i wanted to SLAP every single person (and there were a lot) who kept on saying it to me, month after month, year after year. Best wishes to you, I know how you feel.


sherry - January 12

thanks girls. you always help me out:) *****i am sending out tons of sticky vibes, and oodles of baby dust to everyone******** we will get our turn! love you all, sherry


Laura - January 12

Sherry, I sure do hope you get your positive. You seem so patient and you may want to check how old your test is, sometimes they are outdated and give negatives and maybe that is the case. I hope so. It sounds pretty good from what you are saying, I hope that it works out for you.... I am keeping you in my thoughts as I am on my two week wait now too!



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