cutie please respond to help
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help - April 4

have u ever been pregnt? do u know the early signs?


Cutie - April 4

Hi Help, no sweety, I have never been pregnant, but I have gone through a journey of GYN problems and I am TTC. But I have been reading a lot about pregnancy from people's experience on this site. Some people dont have any signs , late or early (my mom was one of them) Some people do have signs which may include: nausea, vomiting, fatigue, lower abdomen pain, pain of the left or on the right, tender breast, heart burn, wanting to sleep a lot, some people start craving food, some begin to hate some smells, backache, NO PERIOD is a big one, however some people do have a period while pregnant. Some people may spot in the beginning which is called an implantation bleeding. I am sure there are many more signs, I just cant think of any more right now. Sweety, are u TTC? Baby #1 ? Please let me know :) God bless!


help _cutie r u out there? - April 5

this is my 2nd my son is 5 yrs old. but i've only been preg once. my hbby and i been togthr for 7 yrs i used depo for 6-9 mnths and thts the only method of birth control i used.. besides pulling out.


Cutie - April 6

My husband and I are desperately trying for baby #1 and its so frustrating when period comes, I just cry. And now I got more problems -thickened linning of the uterus and doctors can not figure out whats wrong with me. I am so upset. Doctor did put me on birth control, just to stop the bleeding that I had a month ago. And now that I am due for my period, I only bled a little bit and while I was at the hospital for really bad pain, I passed a lemon size clot....... All tests are negative however I am going for US tommorow and hopefully we can find something out... I am very frustrated ....Talk to you later


help - April 6

my god bless u keep me posted.. the devils a liar have faith and in do time it will be ok



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