Cramps???? 7 DPO??
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m - March 1

My Dh and I have been TTC for 1 year, I am scheduled to start Clomid next month. I got a Positive OPK on the 22nd so I am guessing I Od on the 23rd or 24th, so I am 6-7dpo. I have a very very mild bacterial vaginosis going on (TMI)(sometimes I get from preseed), but in the past when I have gotten mild BV it has gone away in a day or two own (my MD says thats fine) My paps, pelvic exams and blood work have also looked fine. Anyways back to my question, starting today I have had AF type cramps, and tender breasts. The breast thing I sometimes I get a week after the O, but I have never had cramps before, even with BV. Do you think my cramps are from BV or hopefully a potential BFP?


Tracy - March 2

I am 8dpo and have been having noticable cramps since yesterday. I keep wondering if I am imagining them, or if I really feel what I think I feel. I too have been TTC for quite a while. I can't tell you what your cramps are really from, because whenever I have had BV, I have a bloated, uncomfortable abdomen anyway, no matter what time of month it is. But you say, you never feel any cramping with it, so I am not sure. Sorry I couldn't help you better. Good luck.


mg - March 2

These feel just like AF cramps. Normally when I have had BV, I feel bloated but no cramps or at least not like AF types. Its very strange.


mg - March 2

Have you ever gone to They have photos of HPT's from 7DPO!!!! OMG!!



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