Conceiving problems
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Need2Know - April 6

In september i had a D&C. and dh an i have been ttc since october. infrequent sex isnt the problem at all. But dh is pretty worked up over having a baby and the periods are really depressing. Is there any thing that i can do to aid in conception? I was looking at ovulex. and im going to start taking Materna and drinking green tea....I heard the green tea helps. Is there any thing else that i can do?


Ann - April 7

If you want some detailed information on this, I suggest buying Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler. She talks a lot about women's cycles and how to increase your chances to conceive by knowing your body. Good luck!


need2know - April 7

yeah i already read practically EVERYTHING about knowing my far as the BBT charting goes and other signs...ive been ovulating...but im still unsuccessful in getting pregnant


pj - April 7

maybe you could consider talking to a doc, especially if you are above 30 like me


kathy - April 7

Has DH had a sperm analysis? That could be the problem. A tuff topic to bring up but maybe it isn't you. A large percentage of ttc issues is a male factor.


Val - April 7

Hi... I'm sort of in the same boat - had mc in August and still not pg yet. Some days I'm ok, but other days I just get really depressed and feel like it's never going to happen. I've been seeing a naturopath and having acupuncture since December, and also taking some supplements (decaf green tea, Fertility Friend, evening primrose oil.) Also I've been working on losing a few pounds. I have an appointment with my ob/gyn on Monday to talk about fertility... I'll let you know if she has helpful suggestions. I'm going to ask about testing hormones and possibly sperm as well. Good luck to you...


need2know - April 8

WEll im not over thirty...nor am i i live in the not sure that they do that over here...maybe, i have to check


Shauna - April 12

hey there 'need to know' I agree with kathy. Has your DH had a check. My DH went to the urologist in January and just had a varicocelectomy 3 weeks ago to increase our chances. Alot of docs say it doesn't help that much but any help is help right??



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