Clomid success story - it does work!
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piper-1984 - March 1

Hi ladies,
I have been on/off this board over the last few years and just wanted to share my success story with you. Me and my DH have been trying to get preg for over 4 years with no success, we had every test under the sun done and were finally told "unexplained infertility" and started on clomid, on the 4th cycle of 50mg I finally got pregnant and am now currently typing this while looking at my beautiful 5 month old TWIN daughters :) , the years of trying were so hard, it used to rip me up inside to see pregnant women all around and I honestly thought it would never happen. Just wanted to say please hang in there, it will happen xxx


stork2010 - March 2

Oh this is just what I needed to hear today! I am getting ready to start my first round of clomid (diagnosed with PCOS last month, currently taking glucophage and waiting for af). Some days are hopeful, others are overwhelming and depressing but this helped me out a lot. Congratulations on the twins! How was the clomid for you as far as side effects?


piper-1984 - March 2

Hi Stork :) I know exactly how you feel regards good days and bad days, the optimistic months and the months where you have no hope . I can honestly say i never thought it would happen and I had always heard that if clomid was going to work it would work in the first 3 cycles, I got my BFP on the 4th try. The side effects werent to bad, headaches and hot flushes for the first few days but nothing to drastic, I did find ovulation itself queit painful so would advise having a hot water bottle and some ibuprofen close to hand and once ov was over with I had no other symptoms for the rest of the cycle, another thing to bear in mind though is that clomid can make your cycles longer, I did not find this out until my 3rd try which led to a lot of testing and disappointment of bfns. Ironicly enough the month I had no pregnancy symptoms what so ever was the month I got my BFP. Best of luck with the clomid, I will be sending plenty of positive bfp thoughts your way :) if you have any more questions let me know xxx


stork2010 - March 3

Thanks for writing me back! Can I ask if you were diagnosed with PCOS? The way you explained what ovulation felt like I was wondering if you ever have ovulated? I am not sure I have or not. It is so frustrating that I spent so much time trying NOT to get pregnant, now I want it so bad and can't do it!! I didn't know that clomid makes your cycles longer; good to know. I want to take as few tests as possible as I have been disappointed so many times! So tell me about your twins! How was it carrying them? Are you going to try for more some day?


piper-1984 - March 5

Hi Stork, sorry took so long to reply, I had day 21 progesterone tests done and levels were very low so was told I wasnt ovulating, though my doctor did suggest that maybe it was PCOS after I had concieved the twins, I know what you mean about trying for so long to avoid pregnancy, I honestly thought that it would happen straight away for me. My twins are amazing :) non id girls , Abby and Kara, they are 5 months old now. The pregnancy was tough going, I suffered with HG for the whole pregnancy, other than the sickness though it was a wonderful expierience, have to say though I genuinely didnt believe it until the very end. My waters broke at 36 weeks and they were born by CS ( K was breech and A was transverse)
So how about you? has Af showed up yet? Have you started clomid yet? have you been trying for long?


stork2010 - March 6

What cute names for your girls! And you made it to 36 weeks, that's great! Sorry I don't know what all the shortcuts are, what is hg? I too had progesterone levels checked at day 21 and it was very low...we have been trying for a year now. FRUSTRATING! Why do I see only pregnant women at the grocery store?? Ugh. How long did you guys try before attempting to use clomid? I am taking provera (day 5 of 10) which should start my af then clomid on day 5 of that cycle. Did you take the clomid starting on day 5? I have read that many start it on day 3. Do you think you will have more children?


Jen30 - March 14

Awwww congrats... I wanted to add that I also after trying for 12 years on and off took 100mg self prescribed clomid cd5-9 (doc tried me on it years ago but this time decided I wasnt entitled to help because I had a 13 year old already!) I managed to get hold of pregnyl 5000 hcg shot which I gave myself when i got my 1st pos opk and got preg 1st time and it's twins!! I'm currently 9 weeks 3 days and looking forward to my 2nd scan at 12 weeks to see everything is alright.... oh and I feel sick as a dog!!!!!!! Good luck to all who are trying and yes.... it really does work! :)


piper-1984 - March 14

hi Stork, sorry it takes me so long to reply, I keep forgetting to check in, I know what you mean about pregnant women everywhere, when I was trying it seemed like everywhere I turned there was a pregnant woman, To be honest it used to drive me mad lol and they all had stories like how they just glanced at their hubbies from across the country via webcam and managed to get pregnant lol. We were trying almost 4 years when we finally got pregnant, it was tough going but totally worth the wait :) and it will be for you too :) . I was taking clomid from day 3 but actually the month I got pregnant I was late picking up my presciption and actually started taking it day 4, also tmi but meant to say to you that clomid can "dry things up" so was using preseed as well. Think we are going to take a chance and wait until the girls are 2 or 3 before we try again, would love to have one more, not sure about another set of twins though lol. Oh and HG is hypermesis gravadium which is intense morning sickness, I had it very bad the whole way through my pregnancy.

Jen congrats to you on your twins :)


stork2010 - March 15

Hi Piper! Thanks for writing back again. So I got af on Friday, that means I am starting 50mg of clomid on Tuesday and then have an ultrasound on the 25th to check for folicles. I am so so nervous! I have read lots of horror stories about the side effects of clomid but I am going to keep remembering your positive experience with it! I am also nervous that it isn't going to work and then I won't know what to do next. Ugh. I have heard about the dryness issue, have read some good things about taking robitussin. What is preseed?


stork2010 - March 15

Congrats Jen30, I saw your great news on a different page. So what is pregnyl? I totally don't understand why you couldn't get clomid from a doc because you already had a 13 yr old!! Are you going to find out what you are having? What side effects did you have from the clomid?


Optimistic101 - March 15

wow, i haven't been on this site for over a year...I used to be on here daily, almost hourly! Stork-I wanted to let you know my story. I was diagnosed with PCOS due to anovulation. I went through 4 rounds of clomid (the 1st dose of 50mg was not enought) but it turned out my magic combination of meds was 1500mg of Metformin, and 100mg of Clomid CD 5-9. I only ever produced 1-3 follies (the time I got pregnant with my daughter I only had 1 follie). And hey it only takes 1 right :) I did have 2 m/c before I conceived my now 13 1/2 month old daughter. After my 2nd m/c I said we will give it one more try...and I thank God every day we did. My daughter is truly a blessing...I would not have gotten pregnant without Clomid! My s/e weren't too terrible-just the headaches, hot flashes and mood swings aka menopause lol Good Luck to you!! Sending prayers your way!


stork2010 - March 16

Hi Optimistic - thanks so much for your words of encouragement, it is so great to hear that someone else has gone through what I am going through, sometimes I feel like I am the only one on this earth doing this! I also have PCOS and have been taking 1500mg metformin since Feb. Finally got my af and will be starting 50mg clomid tomorrow. I am extremely nervous that this is not going to work and I will have to try something even more invasive. BUt I am trying my best to keep thinking positive. My dr just ordered an hcg trigger shot for the day of my u/s, did you have one of those too? I wasn't expecting to have one but if it will help I will definitely try. Hope to hear from you again soon : )


Optimistic101 - March 16

Stork-Yep, I too did the hcg trigger. I believe I would get it CD 15? The thing that I liked about the shot, is you *knew* that you were going to ovulate within 24hrs. I never got a period on my own so my dr. gave me provera each time. My DH and I are talking about trying for round 2 in a few months, so I will be back on this site for good! I just love the support and hope you get from everyone :)


stork2010 - March 16

Hi Optimistic - sounds like we are in the same boat...I too had to take provera to start my period. Glad to hear you are gonna give it another try! I cannot explain how helpful this site is, I feel so blessed that I came across it. So I took my first clomid today (cd5) and will get an u/s and hcg trigger on the 25th (cd15). So excited but also nervous. I have just been starting to read about follicle count and size. Depending on what it looks like on the u/s, then they will decide if I get the hcg shot or not? I agree it will be nice to know for sure that you did ovulate...the guessing game has gotten pretty old over the last year. How long did you try before you started clomid?


wantbabyin2010 - March 17

Thank you so much! Reading this made me cry! I have just finished my 3rd round of clomid. I went up to150mg this month. I hope this is my month. Thank you for the encouraging words and congratulations on your miracle babies!


Optimistic101 - March 17

Stork-Good luck sweetie!! My dh and I didn't really "try" too long. We had just moved further west and I needed a new OB so I met with him, and that is where I learned I had PCOS and wasn't going to be able to get pregnant without help, so we really didn't waste anytime before jumping onto the fertility bandwagon :) As far as follicle size and quanity, a lot of women get discouraged when they only see 1 or 2. I only ever had 1 or 2 mature ones (ranging 18mm-28mm) My dr. kept saying it only takes 1...and hey even that one can split for twins :) The size is far more important than the number of follies. One way I knew I had them before an u/ I felt cramping in one of my if you start cramping I am pretty sure you will have something there. wantbaby-Good luck to you hun!! 3rd time is a charm in my book!!


gette - March 17

Hi ladies, I am 27 yrs old and have been trying to get pregnant for the past year and a half. I have a 7 yr old daughter and wasn't trying to get pregnant then :) but now that i am trying its a bit frustrating. I was diagnosed with endometriosis at 16 so my dr thinks what maybe why I'm not getting pregnant. I just finished taking round 2 of clomid 50 mg 3-7. The first time i did not have any side effects but this time i was plagued with bad headaches. Did anyone else experience this side effect?



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