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new user - February 10

I just got prescribed clomid and will be taking it on days 3-7. Does it matter what time of the day I take the pill? Does it have to be at the same time every day?


tryin4baby - February 10

my dr. had me take it between 4 -5 every day and then i had to do the hcg shot with it at 7. they never did give me an answer as to why those times though so i don't know if it really matters.


Laurie - February 10

I take mine at night arounf 9pm. I wasn't told to take it at any certain time in the day but I was told to take it the same time each day. Does anyone know why some doctors say to take clmoid on days 5 - 9 and some say 3 - 7 etc.? I'm supposed to take it days 5 - 9. Is it more effective earlier in the cycle?


nica - February 10

I ended up getting pregnant on it after taking it the first 5 days of my cycle, even though my first few cycles of it I started on day 3 (as directed by doc). The last cycle, I wasn't under a doctor's care and just decided to try something different. It worked!


new user - February 11

I'm not sure why we take it on different days. From what I've read, it doesn't sound like it matters, although it sounds like more doctors are now prescribing for days 3-7. I don't have to do a hcg shot each. What is that for?


tryin4baby - February 11

the hcg shot is given once through the cycle when you are ready to ovulate. i believe it just makes you ovulate a little sooner. they let you know through blood tests as to when to give it to yourself. My body responded to the clomid early so i gave my shot on CD10. Apparently not everyone takes the shot. Good luck.



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