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Otilia98 - June 1

I am starting Clomid this week and was wondering when the best time to BD is. I will be taking it CD 5-9. Thank you!


Freckles - June 2

I dont know when this was posted but my dr said to b/d from the 5th day after your last pill he actually told me to keep b/d at least every other day until after I ovulate. I took clomid 50 mg cd 5-9 and I b/d every single day, sometimes twice untill ff says Im past ovulation.
The dr said you can bd as much as you want it will NOT decrease the sperm


clarcom - June 2

Good luck to you. 8) I as well will be startinig clomind ( actually fertomid-50) next month, my shipment didn't get here on time. I did order mine online. I did go through all the testing, HSG, sperm count, endometrial biopsy, blood tests...the whole 9 yards! Everything was normal but my fertility doc was going to put me on clomid even though I did ovulate reguarly,unfortunaltly I left my job and had no other insurance so I didn't go back. But I did find a website that you enter in you medical history and they either aprove your prescription and not approve it. It was aproved and now I received it but it didn't come with instructions. I heard many times to take it, I was thinking days 3-7 but not sure, my cycles don't last past 10 days,usually only 7, does anybody have any insight or thoughts. I know the fertomid-50 is valid I did some research on it.


slowpoke01 - June 6

i just strated taking clomid 50 mg on sunday and the dr told me to take it days 3-7 dont know if that helped you any i too ovulate normally and all tests came back normal my progesterone level was 12 which wasnt bad 10 or below is bad but they said they like to see it at 15 or higher so i dont know if that was the case with you or not but that is why they put me on clomid


Neuza - June 7



Neuza - June 7

Hi ladies,
I have been trying to conceive for the past 3 years...& know i feel tired!!!!!!! 8 months ago i was diagnosed with PCOS, my partner done all the test & he is ok. I am on my 3 cicle of clomid & this month i am taking days 1-5 (100mg). I hope will be this month & i wish all the luck for u guys.


clarcom - June 27

Just an update...I started taking my chlomid 2 days ago to do cycle days 3-7 and I feel good. I have absolutely no side effects other than a little irritability, not bad though...last month I did the electronic ovulation monitor and found out I ovulated day 19...was hoping for a +++ but didn't happen, I guess I thought if I actually timed it and used preseed that it would happen. Not yet but I did start my first round of clomid and praying it does it on the first try. Baby dust to all ;)


slowpoke01 - June 28

hey everyone just an update i got progesterone test back today and it was 25.8 so that is a big difference from 12.1 last month hope you all get bfp's soon


Tammy276 - June 28

So why do some of you take clomid cd 5 - 9 and others 3 - 7? Does it depend on the length of your cycle or what? i don't understand!!! I was going to call my doc. tomorrow, but just remembered she doesn't work on wed., so I have to wait until thurs.!! Don't want to though, I want to call her now!! I really want to get started on clomid, but think it is maybe too late in my cycle to do so and I don't want to wait until next month, but will probably have to. Darn it!!


clarcom - June 30

Tammy, I'm not sure why some take it on 3-7 or 5-9 or even 2-6...I'm thinking maybe it has to do with how long your cycle is, also I heard people take it days 2-6 to enhance the chances but has a high miscarrige rate...but over all I don't know! But when you find out can you please post the reason? 8)


slowpoke01 - June 30

hey i think the days just depends on your doctors preference i have a 28 day cycle and took it 3-7 and i have seen women with 28 day cycles take it 1-5 so i think it just depends on the doctor and maybe on how long you have been ttc or taking clomid they may give it to you 3-7 for a couple of cycles and if that doesnt work they may change it to 2-6 for a couple of times i think it just depends on the how the doc wants to do it


Jessica1985 - September 2

to clarcom where do u order ur meds


Lucky717 - September 2

Hi Otilia - I just started Clomid this month too. 50 mg and took it on cd 5-9 also. My Dr. said to bd every other day on cd 10-20. That's what we did. Hopefully it worked. I am taking it because I couldn't O on my own. Just did bloodwork last week and my progesterone levels were through the roof so it worked. Best of luck!!



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