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B - January 10

I am 6 dpo and on my 1st round of clomid. I have been having sore nipples since 2 dpo, mild cramping since ovulation, and a lot of creamy cm. Are these side effects from the clomid? Anyone have these and been pregnant?


JenG - January 10

Yes and No/Yes. :) I was pregant before and only had these symptoms after/when my AF was due. I thought it was my AF and it was pregnancy. :) Unfortunately, it ended in Miscarriage at 16 wks, so now I am on Clomid, 2nd round. I too had these symptoms for the duration of clomid cycle and I too thought that it was pregnancy. But my RE told me that with Clomid some women have these 'mimicing' symptoms. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to wait till after AF is supposed to come... for you I guess this is about 6 more days. Then, you can test and know for sure! Hate the 2WW! Good Luck!


beth - January 10

this is my 1st round of clomid, i took blood to check my progestrone level and it was very high so i ovualted i hope i get pregnant


RR - January 11

If you used an hcg injection to ovulate these are definite possible side effects and I have heard they can be side effects of clomid although I only experience hot flashes from the clomid (& get emotional)


B - January 11

Thanks for the feedback everyone. JenG, yes the waiting is killing me. So sorry for your loss. Good luck this cycle. Can these days go by any slower. I had a dr appt today and I definitely ovulated and he said it looked good. Also took blood for a progesterone test. I hope I get pregnant this month.


BF - January 11

To B: I have had those same symptoms and was sure I was pregnant, but no luck yet. Last month, I had lots of hot flashes and am now taking round 4. Sorry! Good luck this month!


side effects of clomid - January 11

This is from a great website I found on clomid and yes breasts can be part of clomid side effects read this:

"Because Clomiphene binds to estrogen receptors, including the estrogen receptors in the cervix, it can interfere with the ability of the cervical mucus glands to be stimulated by estrogen to produce fertile mucus. Only "hostile" or dry cervical mucus may develop in the days preceding ovulation. If this occurs, adding a small amount of estrogen beginning on cycle day 10 and continuing until the LH surge may enhance cervical mucus production.

Some women taking clomiphene experience hot flashes and premenstrual-type symptoms, such as migraines and breast discomfort (particularly if they have fibrocystic disease of the breasts). Visual symptoms such as spots, flashes or blurry vision are less common and indicate that treatment should stop."


re above - January 11

re the above, I also had tender nipples the months I was on clomid but needed the estrogen supplements due to thin lining and was told the high estrogen can cause nipple tenderness. After I stopped the estrogen pills my nipples went back to normal sensation. Also had cramping all month after ovulation but dont know if from clomid, injections or iui's.


B - January 11

To BF-good luck to you too.


Tracy - January 15

I had every PG symptom there is while on my first round of clomid. I did not know what to think. I had sore nipples, heartburn, cramping, etc....and was not PG. I got AF and saw that doctor that morning, told him about all my symptoms and he said it was definitely from the clomid, so don't look into any signs until AF is at least four days late or you have a positive HPT. Good luck!


Tracy - January 15

My day 21 progesterone test was VERY high, the doctor said I produced some good quality eggs and I still didn't get PG. This month we are doing a post-coital test on day 14 to see if I have hostile cm, and I will take Guaifenisen from today (CD5) through CD14 to make sure my cm stays thin and slippery! Last month I just did the Guaifenisen from CD's 5-9 with the clomid. I too had the creamy cm last month and thought I was PG because it was different for me. Best of luck, and don't drive yourself crazy obsessing over all the symptoms. Not to sound like a wet blanket, but your symptoms could very well be from the clomid. BABY DUST and SUPER GLUE!


Courtney - January 24

B, have you tested yet? I am curious and have very similar symptoms.



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