clomid-just started
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christina - July 13

hey girls, how are you? i just started clomid for cycle days 5-9, anyone else doing it and awaiting next cycle? any inout, possitive outcomes etc.....babay dust to all


christina - July 13

any in put that is,lol, sorry type so quick.


Jamie - July 13

I just started my first cycle of clomid days 5-9 as well. I don't really have any input to give you since this is my first time but I am hoping it works! Good luck to you - I would like to keep in touch with you so that we can go through this together if you want:)


christina - July 13

hi that will be great defiantely keep me posted your in my do you feel on it though? i cant sleep, and a little nausea, but nothing too dust!


dee - July 13

Hi girls. I on cd 31. Was on clomid for the first time this month. Testing tomorrow. I still cant sleep. Its driving me insane. So tired. Wake up every couple of hours.I was only moody the week of ovulation. Bad ovulation cramps.Thirsty and hot flushes. Good luck


christina - July 13

i am just wondering usually you get a bad reaction after a first pill or what? i am not a medicine person,lol


Jamie - July 13

Christina - This is the second day and so far I have noticed no symptoms. I maybe having hot flashes but it is hard to tell because where I live it is really hot and humid.....How are you doing??


christina - July 13

lol, i am feeling the same way, very hot and very hungry, my stomach is girgley all through the day and night, but then i dont really want to eat, i am scared to finish taking this,lol....but started it so have no choice are you today?


Jamie - July 13

Actually right now I am feeling extremely tired - my apetite is the same as yours - but I cannot figure out if it is the clomid or the weather. I am also feeling a little moody.....


Jamie - July 13

I forgot to tell you - stick it out and don't give up... this may be the one for you!!


christina - July 13

thanks jamie! i hope so for both of us!!!!


christina - July 14

jamie how do you feel today? last night to now i was really dizzy and tired, like i cant stay awake, but 3 more days, i can do this! hope your well.....have a good day.


gretchen - July 14

I will take my third pill today, I am also taking them days 5-9, thank goodness I have yet to have any side effects.


Jamie - July 14

Well I just took my third pill about a 1/2 hour ago. I am still feeling a little tired. Although last night when I went to bed I couldn't fall asleep. We will see what today brings. Keep me posted Christina and Gretchen!


Rachel - July 14

I have been visiting this web sight for months now. I find it encouraging to know I'm not the only one having these feelings. I also just started clomid days 3-7. I am on day two. I don't have any symtoms so far. I hope to keep in touch with you ladies while going through this process. Hopefully we will be pregnant soon!



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