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sunset - August 26

did anyone experience this? Am I preg yet!!I went to the doctor yesterday because I had an awful pain in my cervix. My doctor told me that my ovary was swollen also.. I was taking the clomid.. 3-7 I stated having the pain on 8/20/05// He told me that it was sign of the clomid working.I didn't feel comfortable with his answer.. I was ovulating also 8/23/05// Now today my vision is not good and I have a bad headache,,my breast is sore // Has this ever happen to anyone else.. Now today I feel very tired. Everything I smell makes me sick! My breast is still sore.I still have a slight pain on my right side of ovary..What do you think am I preg.. I have 10 days to go!!


Gabby - August 26

I know this might sound bad, but when people really want to get preg. they tend to have all the preg symt. but are not infact preg. That is what one DR told me anyway. All the signs are pointing to yes, but if you have ever read the bood what to expect when your expecting it has alt. reasons for all of those symt. you are feeling. I will pray for a good result for you. Good Luck.


KellyN - August 26

Could be that you actually were not ovulating on 8/20. I feel cramping in my ovaries off and on after clomid. Today I know I am ovulating and am having big pains in both the ovaries and central abdominal. What were the dates you took the clomid? I think my doc said you would ovulate between 5-10 days after the last pill.


sunset - August 26

Kelly my dates was 12th -16th


Lena - August 26

Sunset, If you have conceived its too early for your body to even suspect its pregnant. The symptoms you describe are all typical side effects of clomid.



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