Clitoral vs. Coital when TTC
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ktcuppycake - January 9

My husband and I are trying to have our 2nd baby. Our first was born still April 3rd 2005. Years ago, we were told by our first fertility doctor that I should not have an orgasm because it creates a natural spemacide. Our most recent specialist said the exact opposite. And from what I can find on the net, everything points to the idea that I should have an orgasm because it pulls the sperm into place. My question is... If that's the truth... Is it okay to have a clitoral orgasm instead of a coital orgasm, will it do the same thing?


lovemy3 - January 9

I think it would do the same thing as it would still pull the sperm in. I saw a show once that said it is helpful because it does draw the sperm inwards. Good luck.


ktcuppycake - January 10

I found that this is very up in the air... Everyone has a different opinion. Thank you for your response. :) I've done a lot of research on it now.

Feel free to come join this group on myspace. It's for Christian couples TTC while facing infertility.


compiling a lot of information that I've learned and posting it in the forums. Any information you have is welcome as well.

We will also be supportive of one another.


ktcuppycake - January 10

correction on the link....


lovemy3 - January 10

Hi there, I am also a Christian, couldn't get thru on nthat link though?



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