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s_80 - February 15

have any of u sent cheri an email for predictions and got their reply? i sent her an email yesterday and still waiting for a reply.did u guys pay for this service or was it without any charge ? would it be faster that way?


addie1717 - February 16

If you pay her it usually takes 48 hours, the free one will take months...good luck


tanner789 - February 16

i got my reply in 3-4 days but i payed for it i think it was 6-7 dollars. i dont know how she does her predictions b/c alls she asks is what # child you working on and had i had any losses. she doesnt ask for a name or bithdate or anything personal, it was pretty interesting though, let me know how yours goes


addie1717 - February 16

Mine was different tanner. I gave her names and birthdates for me and DH. She said April for me...either find out or conceive. I paid her like $25 and got every question answered including what my childen would be like, etc...Wheter or not it's true, it does keep your hopes up. I will let you know if she is accurate or not...


tanner789 - February 16

addie- i pd like i said 6-7 dollars, i got june for birth month conceive month or find out in month, i got a description about the child a couple paragraphs, and that it would be a boy, what he was like, when he married what his future job would be and his personality as a young boy-so i dont know why its so dif. ????


addie1717 - February 16

Not sure...I did get a description just like that but for 3 children...she told me how far apart they would be in age, and all you said, but not much different...Although I did email her another question about 2 weeks later, and she was pretty quick to respond, she sai to email her if I had any other questions, so maybe I get unlimited questions for a while....but your does sound a lot like mine tanner, she also said it would be a boy, but was more specific that is was find out of conceive date.


ahay - February 16

I paid the 7 dollars for her reply on Tuesday and just today got an email from her asking a bunch of questions. So I am also hoping for a fast response. I am so excited. Did anyones predictions turn out right?!


tanner789 - February 16

ahay-what kind of questions did she ask you? i wonder if i get to ask questions too after my prediction, alls i wrote back is thank you and that i wish i knew what june was for sure and she said coneive month


s_80 - February 16

thanks guys i sent her 7 dollars and little detail abt myself..hopefully she replies soon.i'll let u know when she replies


ahay - February 16

She asked me if I had been pregnant before and if I had miscarried. She said she would reply and let me know my answer ASAP. I am so excited. How long did it take everyone else to get responses?!? I want mine NOW


ahay - February 16

S80 when did u send your money


julieb - February 16

what website are you guys going to for this cheri? see if its worth it or not. thanks!


s_80 - February 17

i sent her $7 yesterday evening.i want my response NOW tooo. this is so exciting.
julieb- her website is


tanner789 - February 17

i would say you will get yuor response in a few days i think after she asked me those questions i either got it the next day or two days later-let u s know what she say


Mindy1 - February 17

hey everyone! cheri told me April- girl and she answered a lot of questions I had as well. Hopefully she is right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


s_80 - February 18

hey guys
i got my reply from cheri. she said nov but it could be birth,conceive or when i find out month...i hope its birth.. she didnt elaborate much though..



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