CB Fertility monitor and pregnancy test!!!!
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pearl_j77 - August 1

I have been using the CB monitor for 3 months. it was almost right in detecting ovulation as i always had my period 17-18 days right after i get my 1st peak. However, this month i got my 1st peak on JL 9th, and i did not get my period so far!!!...i did a pregnancy test 2 days ago ( 21 dpo) and it was -ve (it was the clear blue regular test). I also ve been taking metformin for 3 months to regulate my period ( i have no other medical conditions), which worked fine as i had a 36 ,38 and another 38 days cycle while on it, until this month (i had a very irregular period before). Sorry for the long question, i am just confused and not sure what is going on. Did any of u ladies using the monitor or any opk kit experinced such a delay in her period after detecting ovulation and turned out Not pregnant....I would really appreciate it, if u share ur story with me....I thank u ladies in advance ...one more thing i don't really have any other pregnancy symptoms beside the absent period!!


Tammy276 - August 1

It is possible that the monitor detected a surge, but then you never ovulated.....I would think by now you would have gotten a positive, unless you implanted really late. Take a test in a few days if you don't see your AF.



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