Can you concieve while spotting?!?!
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HH - February 13

I started metformin a few months ago... Have had the usual side effects of GI trouble (but learning what to eat and what not to)... I finally went to an RE & he increased my metformin from 1000mg to 1700mg overnight. Since being on the increased dosage I have had this brown spotting that's kind of grainy. Once in a while it's got some red to it but 99% of the time it's dark brown. I don't have a lot of it... just enough to wear a panyliner & it's ALWAYS there when I wipe (sorry if TMI). I called my RE and he said "hopefully it stops by the time you have your u/s"... "I can't explain the unusual bleeding"... It started on cd6... I'm on cd15 & it shows no signs of stopping. I had had a REALLY heavy af just before this started. My problem is... if I can still O while having this spotting (as my regular gyno said I could)... can sperm actually survive in this? I think my chances of conception are nil because of this. Anyone had any experience or info to offer?



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