Can dogs sense pregnancy?
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Alena - August 31

I know this is silly, but my dog has been glued to me lately!! He is normally very independent, but he won't leave my side!! It is too early to take a test, but I do have some symptons of pregnancy. Is it possible my dog knows before me??? I know this is a silly question! Thanks:)


Clara - August 31

Alena, not a silly question. I think they truly can. I'm trying desperately not to get my hopes up this month but like you said, my dog is my new shadow. He normally stays with the other dogs, where ever they happen to be but the last few days he's been right by my side (even when I go to the bathroom) :o)


Alena - August 31

My dog chases me down in the bathroom too! And when I close the door on him, he waits outside for me. And everytime I sit down, he is right there sitting on me. Even as I write this he is sleeping at my feet!! Clara, have you had any other symptoms? I hope this is the month for you and me and everyone else out there!!! *baby dust* to everyone!!! Alena


Clara - August 31

Alena, I trying not to look for signs because I'm afraid I'm just imagining them. Today for some reason I'm especially emotional. And boy do I have to pee a lot today. When is your AF due?


Alena - August 31

My AF is due in 9 days... I know what you mean about imagining symptoms!! Sometimes it is so easy for you mind to take over your body. But I really have sore nipples lately. And usually when Im getting my AF, my whole breasts are sore. But with every "symptom" I have, I force myself to really think of what else could be causing it, or if Im even imagining it.... But fingers crossed!!! Good luck!


Clara - August 31

Alena, this is my 2nd pregnancy. My first took a year and a half and that was a lot of monthly disappointments. I just don't want to do that again. My AF is due on the 10th so hopefully we won't see the ugly monthly visitor. My breasts were extremely tender with my first but nothing yet. Mostly peeing a lot and a few other minor symptoms that could definitely be something else. Crossing my fingers for us both.



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