Blocked Tubes - Felopio?
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Char - August 13

Has anyone heard of or tried this Felopio? It is an herbal tampon that is supposed to flush out blocked tubes. You can read about it at When the dr told me i had blocked tubes, i seriously looked into buying it, i was just afraid to put out that money without talking to someone who has tried it....


Tracy88 - August 13

Besides checking out this company's website, have you googled it for more info? It says it has been used all over eastern Europe.....if so, it should be very easy to find info on, if not, then beware. Read all you can about it. If I were planning on sticking anything up my hoo-ha, I would research it thoroughly, especially if it is meant to seep stuff into my tubes or uterus. Honestly, you need to be very careful with that kind of product.


linds99 - August 14

This product is no good. This lady at my RE office mentioned this darn treatment that she got from the internet and used in last June. She did not tell her doctor she was taking it on a cycle she was "resting" and now is so pissed because when she went in for her normal ultrasound, the doctor saw her other tube had a light hydrosalpinx in it too. Before she only had one. She thinks this treatment may have done it. Be careful of putting anything up there unless your doctor says it is ok. This could cause you to have a bacterial infection...which could cause blocked tubes.



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