Big Big Problem!
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Pinky - May 17

Does anyone have trouble conceiving with Scar tissue or adhesions? If so how long have you been trying and any success?


Sara - May 18

Hi yes I've had surgery to remove the scarring from my ovaries and not yet pregnant. best of luck.


curious12 - May 19

I have alo of cramping, could it be scarring?


milissa - May 19

I had a c-section and not pregnant yet? been ttc for about 4 months now...


Pinky - May 20

Hi Milissa,
Do you think its because of scarring? Scarring can also come from C-Sections also. Curious: have you seen a doctor about it?


milissa - May 20

yes" and everything looks good I have enlarged uterus but thats because I already have a child..Here is a website if you have had a c-section and trying again,its called VBAC> can find info that you are looking for if you have not had a c-section..good lucky's :)


Pinky - May 21

Thanks alot Milissa, i really appreciate that take care hun ;)


milissa - May 23

Hey no problem :)...thats what we are here for! Hope it has helped..


Diagnoses & Success!!! - May 25

What's you diagnoses? If you've had a wonderful success during this struggle of INFERTILITY, tell us about it :)

No Success Yet for me but time will tell. I had surgery (Lap&Hysteroscopy) and doc says I have a chance. Hmmm Lets chat! *+*+*+BabyDust*+*+*+



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