bbt question??
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Confused... - July 29

Does your temp rise before, during, or after you ovulate? And if you are not ovulating and your temp is rising could that mean pregnancy??


Sue Z. - July 29

Your temp rises after you ovulate. It stays high if you are pregnant. It takes a steep drop right before your period meaning you are not pregnant.


Confused - July 29

Ok, so if it stays high I could be pregnant? Would the temp rise if pregnany or just stay as is(on the high side). I'm asking because I am 2 weeks late for AF, late period started June 11th, kind of have a weird longer cycle anyway, but am wondering could I be pregnant or did I finally JUST ovulate?? I had quite a bit of ewcm the past couple days.. HPT are saying negative....???


nancy - July 29

when your temp rises that means you ovulated already if it stays up for 18 days that means you are pg. It really doesn't stay at one temp but you can see the pattern that it's going up...if you can see a third shift of temp that will confirm that you are pregnant.


AM - August 2

Those of you taking your temperature, how much does your temp go up by at ovulation and there after in celcius. I have noticed an increase in temperature at day 17 then it drops day 18 and day 19 and then rises again day 20 and then stay high. I can't work that out. When am I ovulating


KellyN - August 2

Hi AM! I take my temp in degrees, but I see a definite up-swing after ovulation by half a degree to a whole degree or more when I ovulate. My pre-ov temps are usually around 97.5, and my post-ov temps are up over 98.0. This does not include time during af, you should disregard the first four days of your cycle for temps. I've not been pregnant (yet!), but I've heard that some women have slowly increasing temps after ov if you are pregnant. There may also be a temp dip on the day that implantation happens. Hope this helps!! -kelly


AM - August 2

Thanks Kelly. Sorry, if this is a personal question, but How many days before ovulation do you try and how many days after?


KellyN - August 2

My dh and I were trying the sperm meets egg plan before I was diagnosed with pcos, now I'm following dr's orders when to bd. They say if there is nothing wrong, the s meets e plan has a high rate of pregnancy in two months. Basically you start on day 8 of your cycle, then go every other day until you get a positive opk. After a positive opk, you do it every day for the next three days. -kelly


AM - August 2

Hi Kelley. Thanks again. Has taking your temp helped then?


lisa - August 14

The sperm meets the egg plan suggest that regardless of when you O...if you do the every other day thing you will let the two meet up some where in your cycle. & it works! If you know when you O for sure....Just do it three days before and including your O day to increase your chances. Pregnancy is not likely to occur after you have Ovulated.(egg last 12-24 hrs)
When should have three days of temp rise after if you have a temp dip before the three day rise... that shouldnt be counted as Ovulation. And as stated earlier temps rise after O.



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