Bad side effects associated with Clomid??
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cmichele24 - May 5

I just finished my 3rd round of Clomid and was feeling a little different. Have any of you experienced any bad mood disorders, etc. from this medication?? If so, could you please explain? I'm scared to take it another month if I am going to feel this way again. Other than the mood swings, have any of you experienced any other kind of side effect. Thanx!!


dunne - May 5

Hi am not on clomid but I do know they can cause emotions/mood side effects. If you check some of the other posts you may find other info...good luck...lots of sticky baby dust heading your way...Sam


Lucky717 - May 5

Switch to Femara it's so much friendlier with side effects. No hot flashes or mood swings. I was on Femara for 5 cycles and liked it. No BFP though. We are moving on to IVF in June. Baby Dust!


bbyplz - May 5

I just finished my first round of Clomid last Sat. I had a headache almost constantly, hot flashes, and very moody!! Yelling to crying to yelling...I wasn't very nice.


BAF - May 6

Not to scare you, but I had horrible side effects. Weight gain, hot flashes, acne, dried up my CM and it thinned my uterus lining so much I almost stopped having a period. I have started seeing a RE and he said get off the Clomid! I am starting injectibles at the end of May!


cmichele24 - May 6

Thanks for the info ladies. I will look around some of the other posts as well.


karenk - May 6

Hi, I was one of the lucky ones. No side effects really other than some minor mood swings first cycle. I was on it twice, got pregnant twice. Had m/c first cycle, now 15 weeks pregnant on second Clomid cycle. Best wishes to you.


slowpoke01 - May 6

hey clomid made me such a witch that when i take it i stay far away from the inlaws cause they are the ones who cause me to go off cause they always ask stupid questions and most of the time i jus ignore it and brush it off but i found that on clomid i tend to be pretty mouthy. i cussed out a state trooper the last time that i was on it cause he pulled me over and caused me to be 30 minutes late for the doc appointment my sister thought we were going to had terrible headaches, hot flashes, lots of cramping, and i was tired all the time i swear i could have slept the whole time i was on it. i pretty much had to stay to myself while i was on it.


grlnxtdoor022 - May 7

Hey guys, I have a question. I was recently prescribed Clomid to help conceive. I am supposed to take it days 5-9. Today, is to be my first night taking it. However, I'm still on my period. Is it ok to still take it and be on your period? Baby dust to all!!!


luvbabies - May 7

I took clomid with a diabetic med for 7 months. I have loose bowels, headaches, and major hot flashes. No luck with clomid.


slowpoke01 - May 7

grlnxtdoor022-yes you are supposed to take it while on your period.


angelkitty - May 7

I took clomid in January and had no bad side effects from it. Never even phased me.



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