anyone over 40 trying to get pregnant....
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Joann in KY - July 18

Anyone over 40 tryed or is trying IVF with donor egsgs?


almost 40 - July 18

Hi joann i'm 40 in october so when i deliver i would be at least 40. (I'm not pg yet just trying -6th month). i see a fertility specialist shortly to see if everything is working with me and my hubby.


Mimi - July 19

Hi Joanne, I am your neighbor in TN, I am 40 and will be 41 in October. This is my 2nd marriage and we have been trying for 9 mos and nothing yet, but I am still trying. :) Best of luck to u. :)


Sopia - July 22

I'm 40 and been trying for 6 months...Thought it would be easy, guess I was wrong.
Just had HSG test done. Tubes are open, but have 3 small fibroids.
Good luck to all :-)


40&tcc - July 24

(formally known as 39&tcc) Hello Joann, I am recently 40, and still trying. I have been trying for approx 3 years, taking Ovulex for 1 month 2 weeks, staying optomistic and prayful for others. *baby dust sprinkles*


tammi parnell - February 2

i am 43 years old hubby and i are trying also i am taking ovulex
myrtle beach sc



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