Anyone get pregnant on their first cycle of Clomid???
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Tenk - November 6

Hi, I want to know how many women actually get pregnant on their first round of Clomid, and what CD's they took it and what MG they took...????


lealani - November 7

Hi I didn't get preggers on my first cycle of chlomid but my cd's were 3-8 i think and it was only 50mg...and since I couldn't pay for frequent ultrasounds regarding fertility (insurance doesn't cover fertility help) then i had to skip each consecutive month because my doc was afraid of I quit all together and about 6 months later I got preggers...i heard there is a better chance of getting pregger on day 5 through 10 (i could be wronge on how long you take them for...4 or 5 days...) hope this helped.


tk07 - November 7

i always heard there was a better chance on days 3-7. but everyone is different. i am on my first cycle of clomid so i hope i am lucky! my neighbor got pregnant her first month using it though, it definately can happen! good luck!


chandellina - November 7

i heard there's even a better chance days 2-6. ;) that is what my dr. has me on. it didn't work the first month but we'll see how this second round goes ( i start tonight). in the meantime we found out dh has some sperm issues so that is probably holding things up.


MNMOM - November 7

With my first child, the first month I took 50 mg day 5-9 but this dose was not enough to make me ovulate. The second month I took 50 mg days 5-9 again and got pregnant. This time around I started out at 100 mg and took it on days 3-7 and got pregnant the first try. I feel very luck to have had such quick success.


MNMOM - November 7

edit: I had increased my does to 100 mg the second month when I was trying to get pregnant the first time


Tenk - November 7

I took it CD1-5 at 100mg, and got a +++ OPK on CD 15, 16, and 17...I sure hope it worked the first try. Thank you!


Anny - November 7

imi sorry but can someone explain what chlomid is??is it for everyone?


MNMOM - November 7

Anny: Clomid is a prescription drug used for women who do not ovulate on their own. It is not for everyone and should only be taken under a doctors supervision.


Tenk - November 7

Anny, I only want to clear things up here. Clomid is NOT for everyone, BUT it is not ONLY for women who don't ovulate. It is for women who have a short LP, or maybe do O just are getting PG on their on, basically there are TONs of reasons that one could be on Clomid...I O on my own for example. AND, not everyone is monitored when they are on it. In a "perfect situation" one would have a CD12 ultra sound to verify how many eggs there are and then a CD 21 blood draw to very that you O'd, but I have neither, and it can cause cysts. Some docs are less concerned than others and some prescribe it more frequently than others.


Lin - November 9

I'm on my first IUI cycle with Clomid, and I normally ovulate on my own, too. The doc wanted us to try it, because my dh has morph and glutination issues (though we may have resolved the former with supplements), so more eggies ups our statistics. I just started taking the Clomid this morning and will follow it with Estradiol. For the first time in ages I feel the excitement of ttc again. That little feeling of knowing that by the end of the month there's a remote possibility that I could be pregnant seems to have been gone for ages, and now with the IUI cycle it's come back for a visit. : )


tonyaandjoe - November 13

my 1st. cycle i took 50 mg. now i take 100 mg when AF shows up this week. has anyone gotten prego with the 100 mg.


janice - November 16

Hi; I have just ended my first round of clomid and an awaiting ovuation. Been trying for 3 years and had 2 miscarrages. Hopefuly it works the first time for all of us.



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