anyone been through this
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molly - May 19

I just went to the dr today and he is starting me on prometrium. I have taken 2 cycles of 50mg of clomid and now I have no af. dr did urine test and was neg, So now I start promrtrium till af starts and 100mg of clomid. I am to get a repronex shot and then go for an u/s and artificial insemination then another shot of hcg. I'm nervous of what to expect during the insemenation and u/s. can anyone give me some ideas of what to expect? i'm hoping all goes well and trying to stay postitive. thanks for your responses!


Drew - May 19

Hi, Molly. I just started on Clomid myself, and hoping for good results. You say you never got af while on Clomid? Is that common? Im just wondering so I know what to expect. Sorry I dont know anything about prometrium and all that other stuff, but I do wish you good luck!!!


Molly - May 19

Hi, Drew! Actually my period was irreggular and when it came I started clomid days 3-7 and got my af the 1st and 2nd months on it but then this month it never came. Good Luck to you too!



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