anyone been ob Prochieve 8% gel?
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Annette - September 23

i had been prescribed Prochieve 8% gel for 10 days after ovulation. today is my 6th day on prochieve. there has been a long list of side effects listed in their booklet, but i just wanted to know whether enyone else has experienced this. The side effects tell that the residue of the gel(vaginal gel) will be left in the vagina and will be like a thick white clump of discharge (Sorry tmi). but i have noticed 2 days ago that my discharge along with the thick clump is sort of watery. i feel that my af is gonna come any time, ie i always feel i m flowing. Is this typical of this cream? Any one been through this? Also, what are the other side effects you have experienced? Any bit of info will be very helpful to me.


miranda - September 23

i am currently using prochieve 8% from days 17-29 or longer if im pregnant...i havent really noticed any side effects...are you using it at night time? thats when i use it so its pretty much absorbed by morning..yes i do have some of the white clumpy leftovers but my dr said thats normal...if you need to, try wearing a panty liner....good luck to you!!!!


Annette - September 23

Thank you miranda for the response. i am using the cream just before i go to sleep, so that there is the least chance that it comes out. i am noticing the watery discharge during the day time. i am not sure what it is... anyway hope that it is nothing bad


miranda - September 24

now that im paying a little more attention, i do have more watery discharge...i think its just the prochieve melted from out body heat....its mostly if i cough or laugh or pretty sure its normal



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