any over the counter pregnacy drugs!!!????
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jayana - May 5

are there any over the counter fertily drugs to help me get preggo? vitemans? anything !


Grandma - May 5

Black cohosh and raspberry leaf tea, and eating pineapple are suppose to be good.


Jane - May 5

Try GNC Womens Ultra Mega vitamins. They seemed to have worked for me.


Mischa - May 5

Find an herbalist...they usually know a lot about things like that. my hubby's aunt is an herbalist and she keeps trying to get me to take some pills she says are "all natural" and will help me get preggers. BUT ALWAYS CHECK WITH A DOCTOR BEFORE TAKING ANYTHING FROM AN HERBALIST! i'm not saying herbalists are bad, they are very helpful people who offer alternatives to some things, but they are not docs, so check with a doc be4 taking anything new you havent taken before.


dawn - May 6

hi! I couldn't get preg for 2 1/2 years. I heard about this nutritionist from a friend and ordered the supplements for fertility and was preg in 2 1/2 months. All my friends that have tried it were preg within 3 months. Everything is natural and there are no side effects. My son is now 19 months old and very healthy. I will gladly send you the information if you want. You can email me at [email protected]. I would definately give them a try.


To Dawn - May 8

Dawn...what were the supplements you were on? I would really like to know. You said they are all natural and have no side effects? WOW! I'm really interested and was wondering if i could get the names of them...been ttc for 2 yrs and no luck. oh, do they have any artificial hormones in them? just curious cause my body cannot handle artificial hormones, found that out the hard way when i was on the pill at 16.


dawn - May 8

I was on hers and angelica root. The nutritionist I got them from grows the herbs and formulates them himself. They have no artificial hormones in them. It is strictly herbs. I can email you the rest of the info if you like. I have all the info saved on a file. If you email me I can forward it to you.


dawn - May 8

sorry, i forgot to leave my email. It is [email protected]. :)


Lilmissmissa - August 3

No no no! Not Black Cohosh! Thats what women use as an herbal morning-after pill! DON'T use that! Thats what my mother gave me when I got pregnant when I was 14, and it made me have a miscarriage!


merlee - August 3

To Lilmissmissa, if you take black cohosh only after your period to ovulation, it helps your body produce estrogen if you don't make enough. It is perfectly safe if you know how to take it. But, yes it is dangerous to take after ovulation, and you should never take it if you are pregnant and want to stay pregnant.


Pam - August 3

Hey, i'm not online alot because i'm waiting to either get my computer fixed or get a new one. I've been trying to concieve a baby for sometime now. over a year. If anyone knows of any over the counter stuff, fertility supplements, herbs or just anything at all that they really believe works, please let me know. I'm so tired of month after month going by. I'm really hurting for a baby, so badly that its really even hard for me to talk to my best friend who is pregnant. If anyone has any good info please email me @ [email protected]
Thanks and good luck to you all.



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