anovulatory, trying to get pregnant since 2 months
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hem - August 13

hi everyone! hope someone can help me. I am 24 yrs old now married for an year now. After relocating from Asia to america, i started having problems with my periods. My doctor told that i was not ovulating and hence no periods and i was on bcp for 3 months. stopped the pills 2 months back and have got 2 cycles properly. We are seriously trying to concieve now. I have just started charting my bbt for a month now and am having problems understanding it. Temp is said to decrease while having periods but my temp seems somewhat elevated even after my period. HPT test is also negative and the bleeding is also really heavy. can anyone help me in this.


hem - August 15

hi all! is there someone to help me here...


soimpatient - August 15

Hi Hem. Everyone's BBT is different. Mine is slightly above the coverline during af. If you need more info on charting I suggest checking out It free and you are able to chart your BBT online. I love it! My trial membership has expired and now I'm paying for it...that's how much I love it! Good luck TTC.


slowpoke01 - August 15

hem has your doc talked to you ab out taking clomid to make you ovulate? i ovulate on my own but the doc still put me on clomid to increase my chances of getting pregnant. also you could use those opk's to help tell you if you are ovulating. are you on any meds at all?


hem - August 15

hi soimpatient, thank you for your suggestion. i shall try the site that u referred. i was so confused since the temp was not just slightly above the coverline. it was above 98 deg till the last day of my periods and today it has suddenly dropped to 97.2 deg. my dh doubts if i could have had a chemical pregnancy since i had cramps also after ovulation. if so what do you think my chances of conception would be this month?


hem - August 15

hi slowpoke01, thanks for your reply. My doc put me on bcp's for 3 months and i stopped them in june. I have had two periods after that and am ovulating properly since then. actually i askd my doc abt clomid but she told that instead of stimulation, its better if ovulation happens on its own and that there are chances of cyst formation too along with the known risk of multiples. so me amd my dh have decided to have clomid as the last option after trying for 6 months. i am not on any meds now.


hem - August 18

soimpatient, tried nice site


slowpoke01 - August 18

hem i am only on 50mg clomid i have u/s on day 3 day 12, 13 plus i did the hcg trigger shot so that they can better predict ovulation. after you get the shot you are suppossed to ovulate within 36-40 hours after. this is my 2nd month on clomid so we will see if it worked. my doc said for every 3 eggs you produce they estimate that their will be 1 if you have 3 big follicles most likely you will only have 1 that will fertilize and stick. i am on the lowest dosage of clomid the only reason that he put me on it was to increase my chances of getting pregnant. he said most normal couples have a 15% chance of conceiving each month so the clomid increases it to like 20 or 30%. good luck to you


Tracy88 - August 18

These girls had some great suggestions, but I am going to add my 2 cents worth. First, make sure your diet is pure. I shop at Whole Foods and don't eat anything that isn't considered "organic". You need to stay away from preservatives and anything that is genetically modified, which is about everything in the American diet. I buy anything that says "No GMO's" and "No preservatives". Also do not eat soy products unless they are fermented like tofu. You have no idea how much diet affects our reproductive system. I think the second most important thing you can do, along with charting your temps, is to do the ovulation predictor kits. You can get the regular ones or the best option is the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. That thing works like a charm. For example, last cycle on cd8 it showed I was on "low" fertility, then the next day cd9 went straight to "Peak". I called the doc, they did an ultrasound, and sure enough I was about to ovulate. I ovulated on cd10. It was that specific. The OPK's usually left me with doubt. I have links to websites about foods, etc. and for some really good knowledge on the food on the grocery shelves in this country, rent the DVD called "The Future of Food". It will leave you angry and ready to eat organic foods of every kind. Even the tomatoes you eat everyday are genetically modified and that can be harmful. Good luck.


sarahd - August 18

hem when you were anovulatory, what did your temps look like? I'm just starting this temping process, and I had super bad O cramps on Wednesday, but no temp spike yet. The last two months I had the SAME cramps, and then got my period 10, then 13 days after (this is only my third month off bcps)....thanks!


hem - August 20

hi slowpoke01, thanks for the reply. I really had a lot of fear about clomid but now your reply has somewhat made me confident about it. Anyway since my doc is not willing to put me on any meds right now, i don want to force her to give me clomid. Since we are trying with a lot of expectation, every month seems to be a long time for us. But my doctor says that it is "just 2 months" since i started trying. So now i can do nothing but to try patiently and simultaneously just monitor on my ovulation. Goodluck to you too


hem - August 20

Hi Tracy88, thanks for your suggestion. I agree with the fact that diet affects a woman reproductive system to a great extent. By the way my diet is not american, its "Indian". My diet mostly includes rice, wheat, lentils and vegetables and chicken & fish once in a while. I am not able to get all the vegetables organic but i get organic fruits . All that i eat raw are organic now. I have included lot of fruits including an apple & an orange everyday and fresh fruit juices in my diet now. I have also started taking multivitamin tablets since 2 months. Also drinking abt a cup of cranberry-raspberry (100% juice). everyday to naturally stimulate ovulation. I hope this change in the diet helps me. Pls tell me if you have any suggestions abt the diet that i am having now. I shall also try the opk that you referred. thanks.


hem - August 20

Hi sarahd, i am also new to this charting process and have just charted for a month. As far as i have read, ovulation cramps can actually happen at anytime of a month. It can happen before ovulation, during ovulation or even after ovulation and again each woman's body is unique.This symptom is not like cervical mucus where women usually get an exact indication of their fertile period. Charting usually helps when you synchronize all your symptoms and a temp shift follows it. And temp shift does not actually happen on the day of ovulation. It usually happens 2 or 3 days after ovulation and my doc said it even takes 4 days for some women. try this site to find example bbt charts hope this helps. thanks


hem - August 21

hi sarahd, did the site help you..


hem - August 23

any suggestion for a good opk device?


slowpoke01 - August 24

hem- i just wanted to update you. i tested this morning and got a bfp on the hpt. so dont give up it can happen. also about the opk's i have used clearblue ovulation predictor kits also i have used some cheapos off the internet and they both worked fine. alot of women use the clear blue fertility monitor but it is really expensive. like almost 200.00. so i just use the clearblue ovualtion tests you can buy them at wal mart they come 7 in a package. or i bought some cheapos off ebay i got like 60 opk's and 10 pregnancy tests for like 15.00 and they worked just as good. good luck


hem - August 28

thanks slowpoke01, your suggestions are really good and useful. I appreciate your interest in helping others. and abt opk's, i shall try ebay then. i don think i can spend 200$ for this. I do try with a lot of confidence every month and get disappointed when i get my af and again during ovulation i start trying with the same level og confidence again. congrads for your bfp.



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