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fitnessfan21 - May 17

I recently experienced a cycle with no ovulation. I know it isn't unheard of not to ovulate ever once in a while, but since my second m/c in Sept. I am pretty certain that I have only ovulated two-three times. When is the time to seek help from an infertility specialist? Has anyone else had this problem?


crystal74 - May 17

hi, i have always had 28 day cycles and since i started using the pee sticks about eight months ago or so, i have always detected my LH surge around cd 14. I did not O in march. at least i didn't detected a surge. then my period was over two weeks late. i'm still trying to recover for it. i didn't detect an lh surge again in april or this month. I have been taking my temps though and i think that i did O the last couple months, just a couple weeks later than usual. I called my dr. and she said to come see her next monday. so i would call and make an appt.


crystal74 - May 17

i notice your fitness name. if your a exercise freak, i have read that this may also throw off your periods and Ovulations. I started working out in february at least three times a week, to lose some weight and i that could have caused it.


fitnessfan21 - May 17

Thanks so much for your input. i am sorry to hear that you are having the same problem. I am really getting frustrated by it. I was going to wait another cycle and continue using my fertility monitor to be sure, but I think that I may call my doctor tomorrow just to set up an appt. How long have you been ttc? Is this your first pregnancy?



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